Singing Even If The Lyrics Are All Greek To Me

Posted Friday, May 31, 2013 by deehan1914

The most amazing thing about music is that they can summon emotions even if there are no words or even if the words are all greek to the listener. I remember what my student who is a musician in Imizau, Toyama Japan once told me. He said that  music is the best "language" when we will talk to alliens. In some points, I agree.

The songs Behti Sawa Sa Tha Woh, Give Me Some Sunshine, Zoobi Doobi Doobi and All Izz Well are all giving me a very vehement good feeling inside. I am sure this is largely because I once googled the translations of the songs, watched the music video and love the Bollywood movie  The Three Idiots.

All Is Well!

The most striking songs I've heard wherein I really cried even if I didn't know the meaning of the songs but somehow felt that the performers were really singing a sad song were of Sung-Bong Choi and Uudam's. I wrote about Sung-Bong Choi before and click here for the article. Sung-Bong Choi auditioned for Korea's Got Talent in 2011 and Uudam auditioned for China's Got Talent also in 2011. These boys were culled not only because of their tear-jerking experiences in life but also because of their great talent that I feel so blessed of hearing ( yeah, even just on youtube!). Uudam and Sung-Boi Choi are very special for me because I really cried even if I didn't knew what they were singing! Uudam was singing " Mother in a Dream" and it moved me so much that I cried so hard after seeing and realizing what he was singing. It's amazing! I never thought I could be as dramatic as that! Yeah, I hugged my mother after seeing the video!

Today, I've been listening to All Izz Well and Behti Sawa Sa Tha Woh. I hope I can set my foot to India someday. I must really become a University Professor to afford that! I can imagine a beautiful India whenever I listen to Behti Sawa Sa Tha Woh. I can imagine things will be just fine whenever I listen to All Izz Well again. Thank you God for this gift of hearing!

I've never been so afraid of making myself look silly in pictures. I like how these actors are feeling the same!

Oh Yeah!!!

note: All photos were just googled.


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