Highlights of My First Sem as an Associate Professor

Posted Friday, April 4, 2014 by deehan1914
I can't imagine being anything else other than being a Teacher at this point of my life.
I planned, dreammed and talked about wanting to be here ad nauseam.
I was sleep-deprived because of work, school and church things but it all paid off.

I am here and I can start dreaming of greater things!
Sitting here and summoning the vivid visions of how I was years ago ignites the vehement feeling inside - the feeling of happiness. satisfaction and thankfulness.

I remember the commencement speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford years ago ( I SEVERELY like watching commencement speeches of popular people in popular Unis). He said someone has to believe that the dots (experiences) you have now will connect in the future. His exact line was

"Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

Looking backwards, I can now answer the thundering multifold of "Whys" I had back then.
Those dots (experiences) seemed to be meaningless, directionless and hugely vague but not anymore.
I feel not lost anymore.
Drums should roll because of these realizations!

I always had passion in teaching.
Helping another soul learn is something not everyone can do.
It makes my heart twang with happiness when students would tell me that I inspired them and that the class was helpful in shaping their dreams and their direction.
I remember I had to study Braille because I volunteered as a tutor for a blind college student.
It was moving beyond words. 

My rookie months in the University is full of trial-and-error.
There were some strategies that didn't work and there were some fireworks-worthy activities (LOL).
The following are the 5 most unforgettable moments in my first semester at University of Mindanao.

1. I danced and played volleyball.

I danced. I remember being the last one to be picked during our P.E. 2 class as a group member. 
Nobody seemed to want me in their groups because I have two left feet and I really dance not just like a chicken but a drugged chicken to be exact. It made me happy that I was able to dance quite away from that drugged-chicken description last April 2.

I played Volleyball. I know Quidditch far better than Volleyball. I can tell you how Quidditch started and I can tell you a lot about Victor Krum.Volleyball? I only know some girls ( from Ateneo) because my friends in Facebook flood my newsfeed with their faces. Anyway, as clumsy as I am, I am convinced I can never ace actual Quidditch (lol..could I even have an actual Quidditch? ). With life being like a  kaleidoscope, I played Volleyball and I wasn't a pain in the eye, I guess. Hurray for that! 

2. I made my students talk to a Japanese CEO who has a Company in Thailand via Skype at AVR2. 

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!! I made my students very excited and the CEO was thrilled too! win-win! The CEO requested that he wanted to see my students and I could never say No!  

3. My Product Management Subject's Prototype Fair.

I know I made them tired but they have to do all of it. The Promotional Tools, the Product, the Tables and sharpen their product knowledge.  They told me that it was one of their most unforgettable activities as a Marketing student. Sublime happiness that is!

4. I got angry. They Apologized. We're happy again.
My patience barometer was tested and I am glad that I had my shell of sanity intact! I think this is really part of being a Teacher. I am enjoying each shade of the spectrum! I love my BBs biskan pag mga pasaway!

5. We had our Product Launching last term and I made the students both nervous and happy!

I think I should add here some of the things that my students wrote for me. They are like certificates worthy to be hung in Ravenclaw common room! LOL.

Here's from Kevin:

Before this day ends, I would like to thank Maam Janie Anter sa tanan, especially gitudluan mi nimu magbuhat ug Google Doc na super duper blind kaayo mi kung unsay purpose ana, gitudluan pod mi niya kung unsaon pagbuhat ug Blog, ug ang pinaka the best kay gtagaan mi niya ug chance na makipag skype call sa usa ka CEO in thailand. Grabi kaayo among singot atong mga questions. HAHAHA XD

She taught us that we should be updated sa mga trends sa Marketing industry through News report. Siya pod nag tell sa amo about anang Silicon Valley, New york times na page, bloomberg, etc. As a student we don't feel inconvenience, nagklase mi na permi katawa murag walay days na dili happy among klase. So much Fun Superb.

In Product Management Class, na feel namo kung unsay tinuod na marketer jud, we create, we innovate, and we eat. HAHAHA XD with matching tarpaulin and defense pajud. Happy kaayo to na days. and sa Tshirt pod, HAHAHA XD mura walay teacher kay si maam pod murag student. 

Sa karun na 4th year naman jud mi.. (Yeheey) dako jud mi ug pasalamat sa imo that we are not ignorant anymore as a marketer. We changed a lot since ikaw amo na prof. hehehe.. (Pls. Don't Cry HAHAHA XD)

In behalf of our Room 34 2nd Term and Room 214 (Ata to??) 1st Term. Thank you very much maam. Proud kaayo mi na ikaw among Professor. 

and here's from Masagca (she's so funny) this is from  her blog 

And then I realized, there are only two kinds of teacher that has the power to move me,-one who is intellectually blessed and the other is superbly and genuinely nice to students. Guess what! I have found the 2 in 1 in you!

Ma'am bright jud kaayu ka m'am ai, in any field of learning, you are good at language, business matters, interpersonal communication, culture, earth science and even geography!!!! I remember that day when u talked about locations of some states of US, summer and winter solstice, not to mention the current events (na wa jud namu nasakpan sa TV Patrol), as in.. you just Wowed us every single time. I wan't to be like you when I grow up. hahahahaha (sep sep) Tinuod bitaw ni ma'am.Finally, I, we, wanna thank you for being that kind of teacher that doesn't just sit and listen , read books without explaining,state the obvious, wait for the bell, sign, then leave ( I've known a few,secreyto  lang para bibo). You are doing just the total opposite and more!! And I personally commend you for that. You're an icon to me now, next to Taylor swift and Rihanna. hehehehe
I look forward to having more of you ma'am Janie, next sems and terms sa amung last year sa UM. (unta lagi last)!! Ug sorry sa makadaghang tabi nako/ namu (akong chatmates) sa klase, you know I don't do that in purpose, hobby lang jud ma'am.

Thank you guys! I am looking forward to share more gales of laughter and learning with you!
Ganbatte Janie-san!