I Sorely Miss Home!

Posted Saturday, June 8, 2013 by deehan1914

How I wish I can apparate or try my floo powder here in the muggle's world. I sorely miss home!
I want to bask in the genteel embrace of my faithful family! 
I want to cuddle my furry "Mighty". I miss my dog very much!
I don't understand my Father. He told me it was a gift for me but he wouldn't allow me to bring Mighty here in Davao.
My mother liked the dog very much too and I think my father is lost in between! 
He knew my Mom started liking the dog too much and will be sad if I'll bring the dog here.
Hahaha Poor Father!
Anyway, I am happy that my Mama is happy!
Yes, even if that will mean I can't be with my baby Mighty.

I miss you baby Mighty! 

Do I look like a teenager here? Oh well, I'm feeling that way! hahahah

I hope to go home this father's day! I miss my chubby Papa!


  1. Jan Lauren Ilagan

    When you're going to use the floo powder make sure that you will use it in a fireplace.. Using such in your cubicle will merit panic due to the pressed fire alarm.. ;-) Haha!

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