When My Wanderlust Brought Me to Lake Sebu

Posted Saturday, November 19, 2011 by deehan1914

It was my first trip with my co-teachers and I was excited beyond words! This wanderlust is too pushy at times!

                                                                  (a googled photo)

Lake Sebu is certainly not a man made lake located in the municipality of :Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. It is located in  Mindanao Island here in my country. It can be reached through this route:

                                                                           (a googled photo)

We started the 4 hours journey from Davao City to the lake at around 3 am on November 7. Some of us worked for a night shift and yes, we started traveling without a good sleep. Nevertheless, our excited souls energized our mortal frames.

We actually took these pictures after the most exciting part of the part.The zip line!

I think the place was safe and I was not able to hear any gun shots. I was furious when I saw the name of the towns we passed through. We managed to pass through the Mangundadatu town and Ampatuan realms. It was actually a gloomy day when we traveled and I was able to see houses soaked with a knee-deep flood. Government officials in those areas were said to be abusive tyrants. I don't know the whole story though. This is what I like about taking trips- I can see first hand the places rumored to be like this and that. I can submerge into deep thoughts and wonder all the wonders I can see ( thank God it's not my PC this time!).


I have always wanted to have wings and fly. Now, I want to have wings and be a Victoria Secret Angel- I don't mind flying. I wondered though if the zip lining could offer me the  happiness of flying without those lovely wings.

This was how we looked when we arrived . I could not wear shorts because it was cold inside the van. It was a wonder how my comrades survived though . The facilities near the zip lining area isn't that developed,  some walls were not painted and you can't find a high end restaurant there . I thanked God I used to be a member of the Girl's Scout of the Philippines- I don't need any high end facilities ( except of course  for a VERY safe zip lining ropes and equipments ). 

One could see areas like these. I think the government is still making the roads bigger and planning to make concrete ones.

That was really for the ones who would love to feel nervous and happy-count me one!That's brave Janie you got there!

Wooohoooaaa! That was S.U.P.E.R.B! I think flying early in the morning allowed me to feel the popular saying " Early bird catches worms" deeply. In this case, "worms" were the sights I saw and the joy vehement inside my heart. I could feel the beauty of my youth! Look! Here are some pictures I took while flying without wings!

The verdant scenery reminds me to feel young and continue to learn more. Yes!I will finish my MBA , be a blessing and grow even more! Woohoooooo!

We survived! Ahooo Ahho! They said one should not bring a camera while taking that awesome ride. As usual, I could not stand listening to them. I know exactly what will make me happy- documenting what I could see while tangled in those ropes. I listened to my heart and I swear I love the video!

A 300 Php package allowed us to zip line twice. The 740 meter high and then the 420 meters high.Get ready to look good because there's a standby photographer ready to make the flying even more benign! I love the pictures they took! Nothing comes for free so you must pay 100 Php for the soft copy or you can opt for 150 Php and receive 2 printed copies plus 6 shots soft copy ( ow, they will give you all the shots they took .In average, it is usually 6.)

Here are some scenes you can see there .

This one was taken after the second zip line. Yeah, you can disregard me here and focus on my backdrop.I can understand. Hahahah!

I saw this on top!  I saw this on top! 

Find me! 

Are you okay Sir Ivan ( the one wearin' blue jacket )? Sporting a frog-like pose huh? hahaha peace!

Oh! That was another reason why I  want to have a good memory. I want to savor again and again the happiness I was feeling. I wanted to remember again and again the joy I was feeling when I can't help but shout to release the wanting and the fear. I want to remember the beauty of this place and I will always glorify God for this another masterpiece He allowed me to experience. Hey! I spent 1,500 only for this trip!

Have a happy trip everyone!Enjoy your youth without losing sight of God's rules. Enjoy His Love - It is the sweetest!

Ohh Thank You Too!

Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2011 by deehan1914
[12:45:24 PM] yamane: OK. You should take a rest because you have many lessons today.But thank you.I'm  glad and appreciate your effort. You're a good teacher (inlove)

[11:17:20 AM] Makiko Clara: Dear teacher Janie (inlove),
Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it.

That Camera!

Posted Monday, November 14, 2011 by deehan1914

Here is one of my student posting my picture to his FB account. I enjoy lessons with this flabby businessman!

A Sincere Thank You Makes Me Gay!

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[2:13:59 PM] yamane: Thank you you always trying to teach me something best for me.I really appreciate that.see you soon.thank you (sun)
[2:14:18 PM] gna_Janie: (inlove)
[2:14:21 PM] gna_Janie: Oh, Thank you.
[2:14:29 PM] gna_Janie: I can already imagine your voice .
[2:14:36 PM] gna_Janie: ;)

The 7 Rules to be Happy

Posted Saturday, November 12, 2011 by deehan1914

 "Worry is like a rocking chair. You’re moving but you're not going anywhere."

In as much as I wish  to say who uttered that line, my poor memory won't permit me this time ( oh not surprising ) . Nevertheless, those lines were engraved deep down me. Thanks Mom!

This blog is a response to my favorite professor's question of how I 
deal with the 7 Rules to be Happy. 
The Rules are the ff:

1. Never Hate
2. Don’t Worry
3. Live Simply
4. Expect Little
5. Give a Lot
6. Always Smile
7. Best of All Stay in Love
So, here is my attempt to discuss these great rules.
1. Never Hate.

Hate is a normal feeling. We’re born with default set of feelings. Hating something worthy to be hated is godly but hating everything is surely the other way around. I am no perfect- I hate and the story doesn't end here. I’ve been trying to constantly add value to myself and I just found out that my default setting was on “happy mode” and “all the time”. I just figured out that why change the configuration of my supposed happy life if it was already designed that way by my God? Then, I stopped hating the things that will never deserve my energy. I learned that to forgive someone is like setting a dove free and then you will realize that the imprisoned dove was you.
2. Don’t Worry
I worry because I am normal. I don’t worry too much because I am not abnormal. I believe that feelings were created for us to take advantage of those feelings. I worry and so I pray then I feel immensely better. I worry about my future and so I plan things coherently. I worry about my English and that is why I practice more. I use it to my advantage and I won’t allow it to destroy me. I am born victorious.
3. Live Simply
This will surely make you happy. A complex life will offer you money and stress. Living above what you can afford will offer you insurmountable debts and yes, ugly wrinkles too. Living simply for me means spending wisely without losing the dream of earning more. You are not earning for yourself-you are God’s channel of blessings to bless the needy.
4. Expect Little
Nothing is perfect until you fall in love. He was the most perfect guy in the entire Milky Way and then I got so disappointed when I realized I can’t have him now. I was expecting too much and I was hurting too much. I was expecting almost paranormal things and I failed to recognize that my life is not a fairy tale. I should do more and expect less. I should give a room for surprises and growth. Things will not always fall according to planned, in some occasions things even turn up more astounding.
 5. Give a Lot
I give more and more love because it makes the world go round. It’s a cliché because it’s true. Its old school but it won’t grow old. I once offered free tutorial to a blind friend who amazingly managed to study in a College in Davao City. To say that I was feeling so happy while teaching her will always be an understatement. In giving you are bound to receive. Believe me, it’s a cycle.
 6. Always Smile
I always do. When I’m nervous I smile (not because I was losing sanity, swear!) because I enjoy the feeling. When I can’t solve my Accounting requirement, I will just smile to my friend and she will automatically help me. See? Aside from the fact that men love it when a girl smiles, your body would want you to strike that genuine smile too! Think about being healthy, think about smiling!
7. Best of All Stay in Love
Staying in love with my God and my church duties will make me triumphant. I will stay in love with positive thoughts and I will stay in love with life. I carefully choose the things I will stay in love with. I will stay in love with adventures and not with fancy cars. I will stay in love with hymns and not with Lady Gaga. I will stay in love with ideas and not with rumors. Again, I will stay in love with positive thinking and not with pessimism.

I am no perfect and I won’t abuse that reason. Should I fail, I know I will fail forward. Should I cry, I know I will then soon have happy tears. We will only have one life and if we will live it right, once is enough. Have happy thoughts, happy actions and happy results!

When Chopsticks Aren't Only for Food

Posted Thursday, November 3, 2011 by deehan1914

 Yeah, I am not really good with Chopsticks. Growing up, I thought my spoon and fork are universal. 

Certainly, with my little knowledge about chopsticks ( I'm loyal to my spoon and fork plus bare hands) I never imagined it could be used other than when you eat at Chowking.

My last student for today told me something strange . Chopsticks aren't only used for eating ( and this time I swear I wont volunteer my spoon or fork and for the love of God ,I won't ever use my bare hands this way ).Mr.  Hiro , my Japanese student  told me that Chopsticks are used to place their dead loved one's bones , after cremation, inside the urn and that is part of the ceremony they offer to the dead. Plus, members of the family MUST do their share . Goose bumps! 

Here's more, he did that more than ten times...oh I wanted to faint inside GNA office!

In the upper left photo, some bones were too strong ( I guess after gulping Bona , Nido and Anlene for decades ) and relatives must take part in the ceremonial transfer of bones to its perpetual bedroom called urn. I don't criticize them, it was just that my jaw dropped by mere thoughts of it and did I mention the goose bumps?  I thought nothing could survive the optimum temperature range of 1600 degrees to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit!

Cremation takes 2 and a half hours and I think I wont ever let any of my loved ones cremated (Please, don't cremate me too , I will make a good fertilizer so just please allow nature to decompose me okay? swear! )

I thank my student for sending these pictures. These pictures were not too scary though but still my wild imagination is giving me ugly vivid visions ( I hate my rich imagination at times, seriously ).

While our lesson was drawing to its near end, he told me that if I will ever marry a Buddhist ,especially Japanese, I will look like the other lady in the second picture... I was speechless! 

A day with "ME" and the Happitudes

Posted Tuesday, November 1, 2011 by deehan1914

 "Here’s the truth: Happiness doesn’t depend on your external situation, but on your internal disposition. 
Your happiness doesn’t depend on whether you get a pay increase or not. It doesn’t depend on whether you’ll be able to lose 10 pounds or not.  It doesn’t depend on whether you have an iPhone or not.  It doesn’t depend on whether the stock market is up or not. It doesn’t depend on whether you have a boyfriend or not.
As shocking as this may sound, your happiness doesn’t depend on any external thing. Your happiness depends on only one thing: Do you have a happy attitude? Do you have happitude? " 

-Bo Sanchez

Yes, I vow to have happitudes for life!   Thank you Bo for inspiring me , how could I ever thank you !

And so, here is my simple happy story for today.

I've been so busy lately that I wasn't able to have a good rest for so long. I could not remember the last time I was this satisfied with my sleep. 

I never went anywhere today other than attending a church choir practice earlier this morning.I woke up 4 am and rushed to our church to attend to my church duties. My day was then spent just alone here inside my small yet comfortable room. I believe in the idea that you don't need to go far to have inner peace . I decided that I must stay here inside my rented room and rest. Yeah, for the love  of God, let me have a good rest.

I wanted to jog tomorrow ... but I don't want to jog alone.  Yes, I enjoy doing things alone at times ..and yes.. jogging alone here in the city sounds thrilling but it will be more thrilling if I will have someone to talk to. I spent the day today alone and it's enough. I am not a loner. There are times (like today) that I wish to just be confined somewhere not hot and don't exhaust myself but certainly,  I don't intend to perpetually do this . I will go bananas if that will be the case !

I watched Kung Fu Panda II earlier today and I so love him! The flabby and eccentric character made me giggle ( and take note, I was alone).Indeed, even if you are alone and chooses to be amused and happy inside ..yes YOU CAN .Hey,  even if you are a billionaire and is the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queen and yet chooses to be unhappy inside , what life is that?  

I was also able talk to Mama,Papa and Jaynan over skype. Wow.. I never thought I will miss them (hahaha,kidding). I watched videos of Vice Ganda too and I wish I could bring home  his sense of humor. How can you hate someone who made you laugh most of the time? And for that reason , I wish to become a stand up comedian for life! I worry about the clothes they wear though.. I always enjoy my sneakers and I will never trade them for some grotesque shoes... yes, more so if those shoes are signed by Lady Gaga !

To document another showcase of my "happitude day" I took some pictures too. Here are some photographs that I wish could launch a thousand ships (oh,yeah,gimme a break historians! ).

After sleeping for 5 hours I realized that a good sleep is too precious that it could never be replaced with a good date with someone..hahahha ! Well, exemptions included (wink) ! 

Yes, this picture will be soon posted near the Bankerohan! Caption? " Feel the glow of healthy... nose" hahahha..ambot!

I looked like a harassed woman here. I thank God I don't need to be really harassed just to get this look. It's all natural ( hahaha, tabang! )

This is when you are confused with ugliness ,playfulness and  cuteness. I need a good helping hand,seriously ( wink! hhahaha).

I just copied this look. I just wonder if it will work for my blog. It's my blog anyway, so shut up! hahaha.

I wonder when will have a rest like this.Whatever will happen.. I will make sure to have a happy mindset. I need to be happy to be sane.  I will watch another Disney movie before another good slumber. A happy day everyday everyone !