My Joyful Saturday

Posted Tuesday, August 2, 2011 by deehan1914
My Joyful Saturday

"If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater
and lesser persons than yourself."
Author - Max Ehrmann (1872 - 1945)

I have been asking others about what they think is going on with my life. It is not that I am the kind of person who listens to everything they say but I think I must hear them so that I can have an idea of how remarkably strange and unique ideas from each persons are.

For the joy of learning many things, I listen even more.

I noticed that many think my Saturday life is so stressfull. Yes, very true. They also think that I am making my body so tired and that I am not having any "Lazy Day". Uh-ow!The verity of that statement is like 80% . Moreover, I also learned that they think my Saturday is a useless day. That part, I am thrilled to know why.Life is really interesting.

So, before I go ahead. Let me tell you what is happening every Saturday.

Every Saturday, I wake up 2 am and take a bath then start my 3-4 hours journey to Davao City to attend graduate school.I am having my MBA . Our lessons last 7:00 am until 7 pm with 1 hour lunch break. At the end of the day, I needed to go home because I have some duties in the church by Sunday dawn.

Last Saturday, My MBA professor encouraged me to quit school and start my own business. He spent almost an hour of discussing why we should quit. Can you imagine that?

I agree, businessman don't go to graduate school and be educated by professors who don't have businesses themselves. That graduate school is another high-scale FACTORY  of employees. That was shaking!

I really wanted to become a University professor. I started my small business alongside with my job and then I am attending graduate school plus I do pray everyday in hopes that I will become eventually a professor. I am so in love with the joy only "learning and teaching" can offer.

Is it too bad if I won't quit? Is it too bad if I will stay?

Having an MBA degree is my good chance to become an instructor and then eventually a Professor.I know I must make my small business gigantic so that I can be a good example of those who practice what they preach. I will not be like those business major instructors who are teaching business solely based on books. I swear I never make my students memorize word meanings verbatim!

After all, I like listening to the opinions of others.but it never means I will follow all of it. I have my heart and mind which has its unique desire. My circumstance, core gifts and "calling" is not on becoming the world's wealthiest bu I am convinced it is on being a real Entrepreneur and an inspiring Professor. Above all of this, I am certain that my primary duty is to serve and glorify God.

A blessed day everyday everyone!


  1. Anonymous

    hi jim, i just want to react on the things that you have said on this blog... please don't misinterpret on what our professor said last saturday, he just want to say to us that if your reason that you enroll for MBA is to have your own business, he exaggeratedly encourage us to stop going to school and have your business now, because for him the right time is now..

    but what he really means is, if we enroll for MBA because we want to help our company and businesses to advance and progress, then we are in the right path, we have chosen the right thing... because we have our MBA not only to boost up our career but also our self..

    Having an MBA give's me a lot of realization, and one of my reason that i take up this challenges is not because i am hunger to have a business of my own, but because i am hunger of the knowledge and experience that i would learned and cherish during this journey..

    and i would like to tell you jim that in every saturday that i go to school, i am happy and excited because i know that on that day, i will learn and discover new ideas from my classmate and professor...

    for me, its not bad if you wont quit,maybe it will be good for you, because there is a lot of things that you will treasure in our class... there is still a lot of things to discover and to be learned...

    God Bless Jim...

  1. deehan1914

    Hi ! I think it is you Sir Ryan! Thank you for the response.

    Yeah, there are many options and yes, I will graduate with you! Our batch will make it !

    I won't endure the long travel if I am not committed anyway, we will make it!

    Thank you!

  1. deehan1914

    Commitment is the key that starts the engine.

  1. Anonymous

    hi jim,nag nosebleed njud ko man.haha. .lahi rjud man. . Il visit ur blog evryday.plz put partners site in ur gadgets dn add me in ur partners to add mur trafic or viewrs. . .lolz

  1. deehan1914

    hello anonymous..:)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I don't know how to add partners site in my gadgets... help me.. sure we can try :)

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