Why I Don't Trust Diday's Paluwagan

Posted Tuesday, November 4, 2014 by deehan1914
Why I Don't Trust Diday's Paluwagan
Friends, I don't want to join Diday's Paluwagan because I don't understand what it is. I don't understand why money could grow that quick (it could offer better returns than banks or bonds!) with the member "just waiting". I may appear silly to those who have received "proofs" but please bear with me, this is how I honestly see it. How many of the members perfectly understood the system? I'm sure there are many like me who are confused of the entire system but are excited of the at the same time of Diday's Paluwagan promises. It's common to get excited when we earn money in easy way that we end up NOT carefully educating ourselves what the system really is and if ever it is even SUSTAINABLE. It's never a hassle to learn pals, it's never a hassle to be watchful of your hard-earned money-- it's just but rightful.
"under the “paluwagan” system, people form a group agree to contribute a certain amount on a definite date. The pooled funds will be given to a certain member on an agreed date, normally on a monthly basis, until all the members have received their share."Banko Sental ng Pilipinas Deputy Governor Nestor Espenilla Jr. added that, “A paluwagan is an informal savings scheme of people who know each other,” he said.Normally, those who put their money in paluwagan are neighbors and co-workers who form a group to pool funds.Unlike in banks or cooperatives, money saved through the “paluwagan” system does not earn interest. "
Please take note that in a Paluwagan, according to the governor of Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (1) members know each other and (2) money saved through paluwagan system doesn't earn interest. These two things are clearly absent in Diday's paluwagan. If these definition are absent, it is not therefore a Paluwagan. I hope you can understand why I don't trust this system. The name itself doesn't fall to the very definition of paluwagan. I don't think this creates a very good brand positioning. As an MBA graduate, I have learned that you trust the product when the brand has been carefully positioned in the mind of consumers. In this case, the brand, foremost, is misleading.
Posted in inquirer business are concerns about a paluwagan system . Check it here. http://business.inquirer.net/…/Is-investing-in-paluwagan-sa…
In order to be so willing to join, I want to be enlightened by the following:
1. What would happen to my 600 why it could grow to 1, 500 in one month?
2. Where are the "extra-money" (money from those wala a nag graduate) going? Is it being invested that's why it could offer high returns?(I hope it is!) If it is invested, I'd like to know in what.
3. Why do I need to recruit? Is it because if there will be stagnant number of members, this Paluwagan can't keep it's promise of exchanging your 600 with 1.500 IN A MONTH?
4. Some members say this will eventually become a COOP. Pals, there are many kinds of coop and please name who can exchange you 600 with 1,500 in a month. Even Tagum Coop could never promise this. What kind of coop are you planning to have? What will happen to the members of this Paluwagan during the transition (from Diday's Paluwagan to COOP)? Will they receive the money due to them? especially those last in the list? How? The 50 pesos money being deducted wont suffice. Please do your math.
5. There is no clear organizational structure and you don't even know those who hold the money that much. Are you sure they are getting the necessary training to be functional? Are they accredited? With the huge money they have in their hands, you should feel secured with the knowledge that these people are trained. Praise God, should there be one who is an honest CPA. Did you even bother to check?
6. Is there any internal auditor? How about an external auditor? You should feel scared if there's none. I think you can imagine how big is the money rotating and inherently know the need to have auditors.
7. Who do you think you can run to should this entire system fail? According to Inquirer, http://business.inquirer.net/…/Is-investing-in-paluwagan-sa…, the most one can do is to file estafa charges, which may drag over time and cost a lot, with no guarantee that you will get your money back.
8. It also doesn't mean that if you have a DTI permit you can run a paluwagan/monoline already. You need additional certificates from government agencies. Big time fraud exposed on TV had their DTI permits to lure more people. Just so you know! And if it's a partnership, you need to be with SEC and not just DTI.
Please don't get me wrong in posting this. I hope I won't be killed because of posting this! HAHAHA! It's just that I do careful research before jumping into something which appears to be so-good-to-be-true to me. If my questions are answered, I'd be very happy.

One more thing, if the system is becoming so late in "paying out", that's a red flag! 
I know many posted about their "proofs" already but have you ever thought how this system could be sustainable? Will this be sustainable if ever you stop recruiting? If this system could only go on with recruiting more, do you know how people in banking world calls that? Do your research. As a starter, check this article from the Australian governmenthttp://www.scamwatch.gov.au/…/index.phtml/tag/PyramidSchemes
I'd humbly accept answers to this posts. I'd like to be enlightened should there be any hope for that. My intention is not to ruin but for more enlightenment. Thank you.

Teaching and Platform 9 3/4

Posted Saturday, October 4, 2014 by deehan1914

Things have been clouding up my mind lately. I have been exhausted but not in vain. Life showed me that every cloud has a silver lining. It made my soul formidable. Praise God! I may be at my wit's end sometimes but I consider this journey,with all my heart, beautiful.

It's Teachers' Day tomorrow and I would like to write the wonderful things of being a teacher.

First, I have always felt that teaching is my soulmate. I am a big fan of education and those who champion it. I can't imagine doing anything at this point of my life other than enriching another soul. Heaven on earth is when I see my students learning. I can imagine why Malala was willing to face the dangers of getting education in Pakistan and even more willing to push it further for the benefit of legions who believe in her cause. I feel grateful everytime I come to think of this, my way to school was never despoiled by issues which plague countries like Pakistan. In my country, even rebels would want their kids to develop perspicacity through books. I feel quite disappointed that many students in my place don't seem to appreciate the liberty they enjoy. People living in Taliban-infested areas prayed all their lives and countless even offered their very lives for the right to be educated - a great blessing that many students are turning a blind eye. I salute all the Filipino people who made education possible in my beloved country.

Second, teaching makes me feel able able and human. It humbles me every time I learn something new. It excites me to the core and the thought that I could share it to others usually uplifts my spirit. I find this severely addictive. I know exactly why this is addictive. I remember what Mr. Lloyd Luna said " Self-improvement is a very important parcel of happiness". Hence, it's our natural tendency to seek happiness that drives us to learn and improve ourselves. In management, high turnover is usually because workers are no longer happy with the office climate due to lack of continuous training. We are not happy when we are not learning anything new. This is so human and it makes you a better human the moment you share knowledge.

Third, teaching makes me feel that the platform 9 3/4 is real.Teaching became my portal in enriching my imagination and creativity . Just like platform 9 3/4, this profession pushes me to enter a world full of sweet surprises I never thought would be possible. It allowed me to meet plenty amazing people and enjoy new things. The everyday journey in this profession feels like walking into Diagon Alley for the first time - it's magical. It's difficult to get through but it's memorable and sweet. Just like in the magical world of Harry, things could go nasty in my daily attempt to cast knowledge but it's nothing but part of a wonderful journey. The different shades of emotions that I could feel make my world colorful.

Lastly, it keeps me away from the pangs rampant in this world. The Thank Yous from my students are my happy pill. I can still remember what they did last Friday. Indeed, when you smile at the world, it will smile back.

They were all singing when they entered! How sweet is that?

The Class President , Drake. He fooled me and made me believe that the strange arrangement of of the chairs that day was because of the group activity that the group in-charge will facilitate. You got me on that Drake!

I love their pure hearts! Some cried while saying their thanks to me. That was monumental.

I thought the surprise was over but look at my boys! They entered the room while singing "Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat" each with roses! How cute and perfectly sweet! 

Thank you to my 11-12 Sales Management Class and thank you to Flor Rogador for the flowers! You made me VERY happy!

One of my student, Anne, even made a very lovely poem. I love how her gift of making people smile is etched in her poetic lines. Here's her letter.

My happy hormones are at most excited level! I am feeling so loved!

Happy Teachers' Day to all those who taught me how to deal with life. Happy Teachers' Day to all those who have taught another soul. Above all,  I thank my greatest Teacher, My God, for this very wonderful life of learning, sharing and loving.

Harry and Malala

Posted Sunday, July 20, 2014 by deehan1914

This moment is one of those moments when I just want to scribble the thoughts that are inside of me and forget that I am actually busy. I wish I am Rita Skeeter now so that I can have that magical quill. My hands are tired but I want to blog. It’s just too bad that I can’t use any forms of magic in this muggle world. I don’t want to receive a howling letter from the Ministry of Magic.

I am still musing about the immensely timely source of relief that J.K. Rowling gifted me. That article she posted in pottermore made me dreamy again-Harry with another intriguing scar. I want to go to Osaka and camp in USJ. I want to eat chocolate frogs. I want to be lost in Hogsmeade.

Why do I usually think about Potter and his world these days? It’s because I miss reading about it. I have grown busy with my new job in the University. I am enjoying it to bits. I just miss having the luxury of reading books of my choice and still get paid. I miss reading Harry Potter with Makiko and Tomei. Oh … how I wish to be one of those people thronging USJ Osaka.

I miss my Japanese students.

I miss my previous job. I can easily go back as a part-time teacher but my time now won’t give me the liberty to be back.

I guess I really have to experience this sort of feeling in my lifetime. Hence, I must remain cheerful and accept the things I can’t change as of the moment without losing hope that one day, I can do it again.

Reading has always been my escape to stress and writing seals the happiness within. I love teaching but I also love other things. I might have lost the equilibrium that’s why this feeling of longing to those buoyed in unprecedented levels. I don’t really care if others think that what I do is boring. I know people who could share the same wavelength as mine and their biographies depict the awesomeness embed in reading, writing and sharing. I am reminded of Malala’s United Nations speech which goes, “Let us pick up our books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons.” I couldn’t agree more.

I have resolved to read I am Malala. I should read to balance my life.

I should take more pictures so that I could have many stories to share to my online students.

I have accepted that God wants me to experience other things now so that when I’ll teach them, I can have lots to share.

The best thing to do is savor the uniqueness clamped in each spectrum. Indeed, it’s a wonderful and colorful life.

Summer Smear!

Posted Wednesday, June 4, 2014 by deehan1914
Summer vacation for most students ceased already but mine feels like the contrary. I'm still hyping of what will happen for my late summer adventure with my brother next week. I'm beyond thrilled to make exciting adventures and beautiful memories with my one and only handsome brother! Thinking about the underground river, the bewithcing white sand beaches, the seductive water, the enchanting greenery and the gales of laughter that we will surely have makes me feel floating in frenzy. I just love my brother so much that I decided to give him not material gifts but offer him memories with me. He will have his plane ride, his first trip to Visayas and his first trip to Luzon with his beautiful sister!HAHAHAH We will also have our first train ride together! Hahaha! My first ride was when I was a high school student during the National Science Fair. That was year of the Nokia 3310 pa! I am just so excited to be with him during these moments! Thank you Lord God for the blessings! I never thought I can afford this!

Here are the few things that happened this summer.

1. My brother graduated! Finished his degree in Agriculture major in Plant Pathology!
I never thought he could be that clever! Haha love you Dong!

2. Summer in the University.

My summer class made me feel angry and tired but of course happy and thrilled. My students were a headache but I think it's really like that sometimes (unta!lol) . I just realized that "You get what you tolerate". Hence, my rules for the next school year will be more firm (Promise!). I am not saying that I didn't enjoy it, I learned a lot! I claim that all of these troubles, fun and ka ek kan will make a better teacher each term! So, help me God!

I made my students use of the Speech Lab. We had simple call center agent training. Haha! I tried to train them how to cater calls for orders and how to handle callers from hell. This is part of our Service Marketing subject. Dria najud ang Patience is a Virtue! Pictures will follow! I haven't transferred them here in my PC.

I also made my Marketing 1 students talk to the CEO of Flex Thaiyo Co. ltd. via Skype and made them do their product launching.

My advertising students were very busy too. I made them so busy. It was fun to see them doing their best. They deserved the grades I gave them! I made them make a magazine cover with them as the muse, made them do radio ads, perform TV commercials and make a promotional video for Marketing Management. 
Promotional Video 1here
Promotional Video 2here

I can't find the link of the other group! 

3. Myra, Maam Orcy, Xycris, Maad Digal, Laarnie and Glazel finished their MBA .

4. I also went to MSU and Iligan! 

5. I went to school again! Once a teacher, always a student! I am earning education units so that I can be a high school teacher too! 

I miss to chronicle many things but I hope this poor attempt to immortalize my summer 2014 thru blog will be enough. Haha! I miss writing and I'm getting poor at it too! Huhhu! I need to do more!

Gambante Janie-san!