Busy Janie

Posted Friday, September 14, 2012 by deehan1914

I can't imagine how I am juggling church tasks, work and school.I am super busy now.I already lost 3 kilos and it's not really good for me because I am one of those who find it hard to gain weight. T.T   Below are some of the latest things in my life.

Weeks ago, I met Senate President Enrile and had a short chat. He was really nice and really wise.

Last week ,I got a sprained foot. It was really painful!!! I live country side so everyone told me I should see a "manghihilot". Oh boy! It was sooooo painful. Then the doctor said I should have not gone to a "manghihilot" . Hahah! Hence, I am caught in between. Next time (I hope there will be no next time though) if I will get my foot sprained I am not sure which should I follow. You know there are very convincing testimonials about the wonders of "hilot" around my place (count my parents in). I am sure my parents will nag whole day if I won't see our "hilot" expert here.

 Yeah it was pretty hard when I joined our educational tour last Friday with this sprained foot but I made it. I even made it possible to still perform my duties in the church. Yeah..really painful but duh..this is what you get when you act"tanga"..Hahah,,so I should never be "tanga" or else I'll surely get another sprain.

Ah.. I hope I'll finish graduate school soon!