The New Year and the Thoughts Inside Me

Posted Monday, January 30, 2012 by deehan1914

I believe I started the year right. Last year, I already defined how it will be "right". I religiously followed and I am feeling a deep sense of satisfaction. Yes, there is happiness  inside of me now and it will remain this way .

I made sacrifices just to stay and help my family and the feeling is beyond what they say is beautiful. Indeed , nothing is more comforting than being so sure that you are doing what is right not only before the eyes of those around you but what is proper before the eyes of Almighty.

It's a wonder how I am finally deeply committed in staying fit. I found reasons as to why I should be one and I wonder why I internalized all of those just recently.I believe it is my responsibility to exercise and keep my body at the best of health. It is my responsibility to my God who gave me life, my parents , my friends and to myself. I now jog at least 4 times a week regularly and I dragged not only my friends but also my parents. After I drip with sweat , a strange warm happy feeling inside of me is what keeps me going .

Here are some of the thoughts that I will plant and nourish in my bed of thoughts.

1. Life is too short to feel bitter and sad. There's a wonderful world out there . Your thoughts are your reality therefore, make it beautiful.

2. Being healthy is not merely a responsibility towards ourselves but it is our responsibility towards our loved ones . Actually , it is also a responsibility that God wants us to constantly remember.

3. Be cautious of the twisted thoughts popular these days. The mass media is so powerful that it has successfully changed  what is supposed to be good and bad. These things were already foretold.

4.  Spend more time in showing love, sympathy and friendship . You might not find  it obvious because of the glitz and glamor that masks truths  but rich people struggle to enjoy these things . Don't let your self be one of them.

5. Don't hurry love and enjoy the wonderful season of being single. Once married, this season will never come knocking at your door. Enjoy each season!

I will always feed my mind with thoughts like these and I hope to die a happy person. c :