Brimming Elation ;b

Posted Friday, June 21, 2013 by deehan1914

Let me rave now! Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! I consider recieveing flowers from him quaint! 
This whole bunch of flowers already made my day!
I started my day by attending our choir practice and I was nearly late for work.
I was supposed to punch in by 7:45 and I was perfectly on time. Bless me!
I needed to walk on my way to work and it's always difficult to remain serene because I know time would always tick soooooooooo fast!
There's no jeepney route from Magallanes to Quirino! How sad is that?
To keep my optimistic mindset intact, I usually consider my everyday brisk walking a treat for my health. I've been trying to force-feed my mind that my everyday brisk walking for around 8-10 minutes will add more healthy years to my beautiful life. How's that? Hahaha!
While walking like I was being chased by a robber (hahah!), he called me and asked me where exactly I was. I had a hint of what he will do next. I knew he would surprise me but I wasn't sure what will it be. I told him I was still walking on my way to my office. He would usually ask where "exactly" I am and suddenly pop there! I sometimes consider that so "Harry Potterish" ( Yeah, I am talking about Apparition). 
He bid goodbye and I continued to walk.
I wish I had my flying broom so I could easily reach the third floor of our building! Geeezz.. no elevator!
I was on cloudnine when the bundy clock was very friendly! (BIG GRIN)
My phone was ringing as I arrived to my desk and he asked me to go out for a while.
See? I was right. He's that magical. Hahah!
I went downstairs and met him on the seocnd floor.
And there he was... beaming with life! Chos! Hahahah!
He told me he was chasing me. He said I was REALLY walking very fast. He added that he kept on calling me (not though my phone, he said he was tailing me ) . Yes, I am sometimes deaf. 
He gave these beautiful flowers and I love that it's not perfectly bloody red this time. Now, that's the surpise!
These orange roses are the prettiest!
This is the 4th one I got from him and I should really buy a vase now.
Yes, my working station is smelling good. Ayeeeeeeeeeee...I must call Mom soon! 
Thank You!


  1. lea marie sabroso

    Wow! So nice of him ma'am janie. :D
    Makatagak uug heart

  1. deehan1914

    you should see the flowers! haahhhaha ayeeeeeeeeee

  1. lea marie sabroso

    hehe.. I'll visit u later mam para mag chismis.. hehe

  1. Junajuns

    Wow ... what a nice flower :) weeeehhh im looking forward for a new color of roses to be delivered soon ,,, hahaha

  1. Bernadette Aquino

    ang ngisi baya oh! ... hahaha!

  1. deehan1914

    hahaha maam Junaaa!!!! lageh....unya i name dayun unsa na variety ha? kai maayo man ka ana!

  1. deehan1914

    @mam bern... lageh mam ngisi kaayo..peru wala jui mupildi sa ngisi sa imung Ora baby!

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