Posted Sunday, July 29, 2012 by deehan1914
Description: Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, allowing the caster to see the memories, thoughts, and emotions of the victim.
Seen/mentioned: Used by Snape on Harry during Occlumency lessons in Order of the Phoenix and by Dumbledore on Kreacher. Also used nonverbally by Snape on Harry in Half-Blood Prince to allow him to see where Harry had learned the Sectumsempra spell. Used by Lord Voldemort multiple times to see Harry's thoughts.
Notes: See also Legilimency for more information.

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If only I can cast this and read someone's mind right now. Things will be a whole lot easier.
But, I reckon it will be a boring life if I can actually do this.
Will it really be?Oh Yeah, Maybe..I don't know.

I've been told and I believed with all my heart  that this life offers me free will.
That I can choose. There's no such thing as destiny. We decide for our destination and can alter things along the way. I think God doesn't want to have "robot" followers that's why he has given us free will.
Now, I know that the reason why I don't have a boyfriend is because I've chosen to remain single while trying to pursue the dreams I have.

You may ask why I mentioned about reading someone's mind.
Well, that's because I wanted to know what he is really thinking so that I can consider those in my decision making. See, things will be easier for me to plan if I can see what's on his mind.
I decided to remain single because I am still guessing what exactly he is thinking.

Other than that, I also have more reasons why I decided not to be in a relationship.
Maybe working at home has gotten so much into my system and I lost interest in going out with someone.
I don't like dating now. It's  a hassle.
I feel tired most of the time because of school and work.
I also see to it to nourish my spiritual life and hence, I really have no time for having an affair.
I also realized recently that it's cool to go to activities in church and school without considering the possibility that you might bump to Prince Charming. I go to activities because of the sole purpose of the event. It's cool and less depressing. See, it's depressing to hunt for possible Prince Charming and end up seeing trashy ones. Haha!

Yes, my situation right now is brought by the decisions I made.
The decisions that God allowed me to make.

I love someone but gave it up because I have dreams.
I decided to pursue this for the greater good.
But, still, I wanna know want's running on his mind now.
Oh! Legilimens!