Why I Love Musicians

Posted Wednesday, June 8, 2011 by deehan1914

Nella Fantasia

"In my fantasy I see a fair world,
Everyone lives in peace and honesty.
I dream of souls that are always free,
Like a cloud that floats,
Full of humanity in the depths.

In my fantasy I see a bright world
Night there is less darkness.
I dream of souls that are always free,
Like a cloud that floats.

In my fantasy exists a warm wind,
That breathes into the city, as a friend.
I dream of souls that are always free,
Like a cloud that floats,
Full of humanity in the depths."

Here is a humble man that touched me deeply today. I spent time looking for the English translation of the song he sang which perfectly moved me and yes, I was satisfied and in tears.

I never thought that all of my worries and insecurities will all tarnish during my 30 minutes break today. I usually complain that a 30 minutes break is too short for a stressed worker like me. Of course, like the billions of other people today, I enjoy my facebook very much. My curious mind and inquisitive spirit brought me to a youtube link and it was Korea's Got Talent show. This franchise is a sure blockbuster! This 
Korean reality television show premiered on 4 June 2011 on the tvN Asia. The show was based on the Got Talent series format that originated with Britain's Got Talent. This is the show's first series in Korea. It is hosted by Grant Denyer, with Park KolleenJang Jin and Song Yun-ah acting as judges. Undeniably, the show became phenomenal after Sung-Bong Choi's appearance .The fame and love he got will surely be not equivocal.

Sung-Bong Choi is an orphan who ranaway from an orphanage because he said he was beaten there. He described that he was like a fly. He lived in public toilets, stairs and pavements. He survived by selling gums on the road. He is currently doing manual works and he finds singing the sole escape to his challenging arena.  I was amazed when I learned that he ran away when he was 5 years old and he survived the streets for 15 years now.

His fascination began when he saw a vocalist in a bar singing soulfully. I am thrilled to know who that vocalist was. I think the vocalist never realized how he influenced a young street vendor. I want to be someone like that vocalist.

The video gave me Goosebumps and it was moving beyond words. Others argued that the story is a fake; well I must say that if it is really like that, then I am still thankful because I am moved. I don’t care if it was untrue! It brought emotions that I really appreciate- emotions that I don’t get to feel every day. The emotion is so strange that I don’t even know how to name it and I am afraid that the description will never be contained within the framework of words.

That is the main reason why I love books, music, and of course those people behind it. How joyful is it to meet people who remained humble and positive amidst the severely sick world? How lovely is it to have the ability to inspire others without even trying so hard? How wonderful is it to touch hearts? A fiction or not, I love the video very much!

Today, I wonder if I have become a silent inspiration for anyone. I wonder if I was able to touch hearts. Certainly, my life should be in that way.

I want to meet and congratulate the vocalist at the bar that Sung-Bong Choi saw and then I want to hug them both.


  1. Keith

    Okay, so i watched the link. I thought his story was straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. Try to believe a story so awful. It was amazing to think even one person was in that audience without a tear in their eye. His singing was incrtedible

  1. Keith

    you visited my blog. Salamat kaayo. I hope to read more here soon.

  1. deehan1914

    @Keith: Wow..you know my language.. yes..I will write more soon!Thank you!

  1. RSC

    Great post Jim :-) I was also moved by Sung-Bong Choi's performance and life story. I even cried watching it and have downloaded a copy through youtube for daily watch. So inspiring he is that people from all walks of life specially the less fortunates would realize the essence of holding on to dreams for a brighter future.

    Keep writing Jim. You are naturally adept with it. God bless. :-)

    P.S. Thank you for posting the English translation of Nella Fantasia. I also thought of searching such :-)

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