Another Reason to Feel Blessed

Posted Wednesday, August 28, 2013 by deehan1914
[18:26:42] gna_Janie: It's really fun!
[18:26:45] gna_Janie: Thank you!
[18:26:51] gna_Janie: \o/
[18:27:04] gna_Janie: :D
[18:27:12] J T: Me too! Every time you make me so so happy ! See you soon !
[18:28:39] gna_Janie: :D (yn)

This is Why I Like Teaching

Posted Sunday, August 18, 2013 by deehan1914
[15:53:09] KK: Thank you very much for your lesson, Janie! My vocabulary is really building up! I really appreciate it! See you again soon, have a great day!


And my heart is now twanging like a giant elastic band! I love this Life! Salamat Po, Ama!

Another Thank You Makes Me Gay!

Posted by deehan1914
[8/14/2013 15:53:15] KK: Thank you very much for your lesson, Janie! I always learn a lot from you and have a fun! Please have a great birthday! See you again soon!


This is yummier than the yummiest ice cream in the world!

Meet My BIG Baby Mighty!

Posted Thursday, August 15, 2013 by deehan1914

Drum Roll Please!

Posted Sunday, August 4, 2013 by deehan1914
[8/2/2013 17:55:48] c.d: THANK YOU VERY much....and i hope i can see you are so kind.....have a nice day....!!!

I'm so happy that she's satisfied with the lesson. I feel like how this cute pig is feeling! Ganbatte Janie !

Feeling Under the Weather

Posted by deehan1914

I've been feeling sick since yesterday and my voice is a great evidence to that.
I think I'll soon be coughing so I tried taking this tea-like medicine called Sinuzip.
I first bought this months ago when this was offered in Rose Pharmacy in Quirino,Davao City.
I think a promo-girl offered this to me and since I like teas, I decided to try this one.

I thought the taste will be vomit-inducing but it turned out to be like a very good tea after my several sips.
Maybe I imagined it to be really bad that's why the first sip was murky.
However, it turned to be having a good taste that I enjoyed finishing the whole drink.
It's sweet and I like the lemon taste.
What I liked about it is that it's warm.
It felt good while I was drinking it.
I don't have a heavy cough now nor that I am having a runny nose.
However, I am already coughing a bit and I'm having this "heavy-back feeling"- the feeling before I'll eventually have a bad cough.
My throat is painful and my voice is husky.
How will I teach tomorrow or the next days if these things will continue?
Oh.. I want to kick these prancing viruses out of my body!