Feeling Like A Million Bucks!

Posted Tuesday, May 7, 2013 by deehan1914
I graduated and it felt like a million bucks!

The journey wasn't very smooth and I am convinced it was God's way to show me what He is capable of.  I witnessed how God tamed the ferocious storms that tried to pull me away from the monumental graduation day. He is really the best!

I think the greatest realization I've learned from this three years of roller-coaster ride is that God will allow you to be in dire situations just to see if you can still remember Him. I realized that I must never frown when I am challenged by the matters of the circumstances beyond to what I can take. I'll give the world my best smile because I know my God is faithful and He will never forsake me.

I experienced trials along the way.

The typhoon ruined not only parts of our house but also three of our sources of income. It ruined the two stalls Mama owned and the bananas which my Papa is earning additional income. It also ruined the utility poles and thus leaving us with no electricity. It's obvious that I didn't have good internet connection too! I wasn't able to work and do my research for a month. The normal course of my life halted.Our town looked never been that depressing. Even if terror filled the air, I have always known that my God harbors plans that will not ruin me. The typhoon was also the reason why my graduate school thesis demanded an overhaul. The original study was no longer relevant after the typhoon - I was alarmed but I didn't freak out!

How did my great God saved me?

I couldn't even count the amazing ways He did. The most remarkable was when I felt that He blessed those people around me and made them pillars in lifting me out of my predicaments. The experience made me marvel more at the things that my great God can do because of his unfailing love to me. I am so touched by His loyalty to me.

His ways will always be peculiar and the greatest!

With me is my soul-sister. So glad she came \(*o*)/ She traveled for nearly 8 hours by bus just to make it to my graduation day! Isn't that moving? I love you teh Ahwel !

Took a plunge! Samal is love! Isla Reta served as the rendezvous of nature, fun and love!

This is the reward! Oh I'm soooooooo captivated by the sight I was eying here!

Now, I am back to work!

In the pink! ( the first photo in this collage is actually a happy face..LOL )

Have a great day folks!


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