Posted Friday, October 28, 2011 by deehan1914

[20:56:43] gna_Janie: (bow)
[20:58:24] Satomi Ueno: Thank you, Janie (bow) (F)
[20:59:09] gna_Janie: Yes, Thank you too. Don't torture her.
[20:59:14] gna_Janie: :D
[20:59:51] Satomi Ueno: I promise (chuckle) I enjoied and learned a lot today :D
[21:00:02] gna_Janie: (clap) (inlove) (F)

Cloudnine is when I give good lessons to my Japanese students.

How I Started To Have Happy Thoughts

Posted by deehan1914

Nothing is more comforting than trying to steer clear in the idea that I can change someone's attitude overnight. And yes, I am that someone!

I could still remember how I tried to be a happy person ( yeah , you heard it right, my optimism now wasn't donned to me since birth ) . The encounter happened when I was a University student and that was when my father changed job, my Mom's business not going well, our dues were seemingly endless, when my Grandfather was so sick and when the man I loved (oh, really?) was rumored to have been dating someone. Honestly, I realized that the only option left was to have positive thoughts and yes, I found happiness in the simple things I had.

It all started when I challenged myself to embrace positive thoughts. I consciously rejected negative thoughts and started scouting positive ones. Example number one, instead of feeling so down because of the meager financial support I was receiving I challenged myself to still wear that stunning smile. That was actually good for me, I learned how to save, how to wash my clothes by my bare hands, how to save on school projects, how to think differently from acquaintances who had bad spending habits, and hey, I realized that it would never be the end of my world should someone I love date someone ( ehem, it was just a nasty temblor topped with a cruel tsunami, not really the end of my world but that was close! wink! ) .

Today, I am no longer "forcing” myself to shift to positive thoughts. Everything seemed automatic now. I programmed my brain to think that way (my hypothalamus is now cooperating superbly; it was somehow challenging to tame the beast inside, cheers!). Once again I am reminded that to manipulate results one must manipulate his thoughts.

I love the saying “You will only live once and if you lived it right once is enough ".

Going Home

Posted Monday, October 10, 2011 by deehan1914

I am thrilled about going home.

I miss the laid-back life.

I seriously want to gain weight that is why a move back to my province is a splendid idea for my long-time desire.

I wonder how our garden looks like. I wonder if birds are still there. I miss hearing the birds and seeing verdant sceneries each time I peek outside my window every after my GNA lessons.

I miss my thoughtful family. They always worry about my diet. They always wonder if I am eating on time. So sweet.

I am trying to set a six-month long plan. Plans should be in parallel with my long-term goals. I am carefully studying my spending, working hours and sleeping time.

I want to savor every moment of my youth. I want to draw again, jump in the pool, dance in the rain, sing when there's thunder, taste the cotton candies and be with my dog.

I am thinking of saving to buy a good camera. Before I will kick the bucket, I want to photograph for National Geographic.

I am now seated here feeling calm, joyful and warm. I will be home soon. Yes, I will be!