Teaching is a Blessing

Posted Thursday, May 16, 2013 by deehan1914
It's summer here in the Philippines and this reminded of my usual summer routine - teaching kids for free.
It's unfortunate that I can't do this now because I am here in another place and is doing so much work.
Being a volunteer is addictive. It makes you feel useful, able and happy inside.
I did some volunteer works after the typhoon and another one was earlier this year but I am especially missing volunteering as a preschool teacher. I miss being greeted by warm hellos by kids who just lost their incisor(s)! Ha ha ha!

Here are some photos of last year.

I am joined by other volunteers. The one in blue is my neighbor and the other one is a high school teacher  in our town who led us in doing this Summer Kindergarten Program.

We lend some chairs and tables from a local public kindergarten. Our request was easily granted!
This is really a cute scene! A grandfather was picking up his grandson. I miss my grandpa!

They all actually wanted to hug me. Yes, I am that adorable! Hahaha The lady in my back is the mother of my two students.

A portion of the students who were surprisingly not camera ready this time!

We were singing "Daddy finger2x where are you? Here I am2x How do you do?"

That was me trying to arrange my stuffs. The woman with me in this photo is the mother of my student. Mothers can help kids learn. We encourage them to be present because I am not an expert at handling tantrums. Hahaha! You know kids!

We had number identification activity. It was so hot because it was summer.

This is JB Jones with his elder sister. He was very active!

I discovered that I wanted to become a teacher so late! It was only when I already finished my business degree. Well, I am happy I found what would truly make me feel whole. I love teaching!


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