My Last Day as an Office-based ENC/GNA Teacher

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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

 -William Arthur Ward

This is my greatest prayer. I hope I was able to inspire students in learning more and I hope I was able to deliver the things expected from me.

I really enjoy teaching ESL and I love it to bits! Today is my last day here in the office and I feel happy of their cheers for my new job. This company has been really very nice to me. My co-workers are all smart and fun-loving. I also like that we always repel negative thoughts.

I will be back in GNA next month as a home-based teacher. I shouldn't miss the better salary! I am happy they increased it!Yehey!!!

Anyway, here are some messages from my students. I cut some parts of the names to protect their privacy.

I hope to see them again soon!

I will continue to strive in order to become a teacher that inspires!


[14:38:14] yamane: Hi,
Congratulations on the new job! I'm so happy for you.
You're a great teacher.  I can confidently say that you're students in University are lucky having you as their teacher.
Thank you for letting me know that. Good luck!


[14:46:09] TF: Thank you for your message. I'm happy to know you have got hired at a University. I know your dream  to work at a university as a teacher.  Congratulations! But I will reallly miss you. May I visit your facebook to know  your recent conditions from now on?


[15:00:25] em: hello!! Thank you for informing me about it. You are really nice teacher for me. My English was poor though, you taught me very hard. I like your lesson so much. And I wanted to take your lesson more. But I am happy to hear you got hired in a university. It's wonderful :) I hope I can take your lesson again after 2 months. I wait for you. I will miss you ,too. but enjoy your teaching in university. You are very nice teacher!


[15:10:49] TF: Hurray, Hurray, Janie. Amid the difficulties your country is facing, try to step forward to build a bright future.


[15:46:38] NH: I feel very disapointed to hear that because you are very nice teacher. I hope your job goes well. I hope to see you again. Ingat!!
[15:47:28] janie.enc-gna: I will be back!!!
[15:47:34] janie.enc-gna: See you then!
[15:48:33] Noriko Hirukawa: I will study hard to talk to you fluently!! See you :$


~[17:39:13] YU: Hello Janie :D
Thank you for telling me that & congratulations on getting a job at the university (beer).  I will miss you for a while but I am looking forward to seeing you in GNA (sun)  Good luck (flex)   your student Yukiko (heart)


[11:03:54] 博子 北川: Janie, thank you for your message. You are a excellent teacher for me. You will be back soon in GNA. I am looking forward to seeing you again. See you then. :*

[11/11/2013 21:08:32] YH: congratuation!
[11/11/2013 21:15:55 | Edited 21:16:13] Yoshitomo Hamaoka: Thank you for teaching me.You are always good teacher for me.I learned a lot from you. I really aprpriciate your  lessons.I want to take your lesson  again someday.I miss you ,too.I hope your success in your new career.Good Luck !(y)

[14:14:00] myi: Thank you so much for your good teaching .
[14:14:14] masatami yamaguchi: (bow)(wave)


[14:51:46] haru: dear janie.  thank you for your lesson. you were my good teacher. i will miss you. please come back soon. i am waiting for you.  good luck (yn)      student      haru

[15:52:04] KI: Thank you for informing me of your leaving GNA. But you will be back to GNA in 2 months. When I find your name on the reservation list, I'll take your lessons.  I hope I can see you again soon.

[17:44:52] hiroko: I will miss you too....That's why becaouse I found your lesson so much  however I couldn't that. I am waiting for your lesson will start .

[11:57:48] KN: Oh! I didn't know that! (nerd)  I miss you. ;(  I'm waiting for you. (yn)  Thank you very much. (happy)

[22:47:53] 千鶴 市元: I REALLY ENJOY YOUR LESSON.

With Mako-san During Her Study-Visit in our School

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Mulling About My Job

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I have been working here for over three years now and what is really making me stay longer is my fondness to my students. I know that other schools are just a stone's throw away and I am positive that I can easily land a job in another company but the mere thought of not being able to see my students from GNA/ENC again is just depressing beyond words. I am sure I have a serious case of separation anxiety.  ;b

I could still remember how I was interviewed and how equally nervous I was when I first officially had my lessons. I don't think there were just butterflies in my stomach, I think there were dinosaurs or something notorious than them waging war inside. Haha! I think I got bowel movement troubles because of that. Looking back, I am sure I matured. I know I became better than my old self and I think this is the best way how a person should compare himself- comparing your present self with the previous" you".

I am also very happy that I really received very good training here.

I also like that this job is beautifully sharpening my command in English. I also love that I get to read a lot. It's like getting paid while reading!

The pay isn't as sky-high as Lada Gaga's heels but it's somehow comfortable.
Of course, I want a better paying job and I am sure that I might transfer soon but one thing will remain constant- I will still work even as a part-time GNA teacher. In that case, it's not 100% goodbye after all!
The major drawback here is just the pay but it's not really very very low. It's just that I have greater needs.

This job made me finish graduate school. It made me afford tuition fees and field trips. Hence, I am really really very thankful of this job.

I'll keep moving forward!

Sweetest Smiles

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These are the moments that I'll remember all my life and I could not ask for more!

had a great dinner at Hukad in Abreeza

With sweet Emiko!

Teacher Brix and Emiko

Our bags were checked at People's Park

On her next visit, I will show her the real Philippine Eagle!

The greatest proof that she really reached Davao.

She asked if it's okay to sit here before the photo was taken. I was wondering why she asked. Of course! It's sooooo okay!

She said the mayor looks like Teacher Arbie!

She wanted to bring these orchids to Japan but she can't.

All smiles!

The Good of Others

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1 Corinthians 10:24

New International Version (NIV)

24 No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.

 I have been thinking about how I should manipulate my thoughts to make my world more vibrant. I've been bombarded with tons of confusing things but one thing will ever remain constant - I am strong because my God is the strongest and He will never forsake me.

I've been severely tired but I am sure that I am not doing things in vain. I am sure that my God is seeing how much I am pulling out the best in me in order to strike balance in my life. I would never forsake my divine duties to Him. This mortal frame I have might get so tired but nothing is more comforting than in knowing that what you are doing is in accordance with God's sacred commands.
I got so tired preparing for this activity but I am sure it's worth it all!

Yeah, things sometimes appear deceptively difficult but I know I am born victorious. My faith in Him will never go spiraling into meltdowns
I appreciate the beautiful things around me. I am happy about my duties in the church, family, friends and my job. 

Here are the two other "little" things that make my world a one BIG happy world! Here are some messages of my students.

[15:27:47] JT: Me too! Your lesson is always really helpful & educational ! Thanks a lot! See you next week!

and from another one...

[9/22/2013 19:10:26] 博子 北川: Thank you for saying so that. I am happy.  I want you to be my teacher.
[9/22/2013 19:11:35] 博子 北川: forever.

Being a teacher is really something what I want to become. This is my way of doing good for others.

Great Reverse!

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I've been daydreaming of going home real soon. I miss the scent of home and I miss the tight hugs!
I thought I'll be sad today because I'm really homesick but ohhh what a great reverse!
After just one Trial Lesson, the student enrolled!

[10:25:08] gna_Janie: Thanks!
[10:25:18] gna_Janie: Matane!
[10:25:54] YO: Thanks! I enjoyed!


She's Really Sweet!

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[12:27:37] Student K: Janie, thank you very much for your great lesson!  I have learned a lot of word and I admire your pronunciation. I wish I could read more fluently! I will try avocado with sugar, and let you know my thought on it next time!

Another Reason to Feel Blessed

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[18:26:42] gna_Janie: It's really fun!
[18:26:45] gna_Janie: Thank you!
[18:26:51] gna_Janie: \o/
[18:27:04] gna_Janie: :D
[18:27:12] J T: Me too! Every time you make me so so happy ! See you soon !
[18:28:39] gna_Janie: :D (yn)

This is Why I Like Teaching

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[15:53:09] KK: Thank you very much for your lesson, Janie! My vocabulary is really building up! I really appreciate it! See you again soon, have a great day!


And my heart is now twanging like a giant elastic band! I love this Life! Salamat Po, Ama!

Another Thank You Makes Me Gay!

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[8/14/2013 15:53:15] KK: Thank you very much for your lesson, Janie! I always learn a lot from you and have a fun! Please have a great birthday! See you again soon!


This is yummier than the yummiest ice cream in the world!

Meet My BIG Baby Mighty!

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