The Funny Things I learned About Men

Posted Wednesday, February 6, 2013 by deehan1914

I heard the book about how to perfectly understand men was just released and below is a photo of a man reading about men. Maybe he got curious of what it has to say about him. Hahaah! Kidding! I just googled that photo so it's not really mine. I just typed "very very thick book" . It sure did give one true thick book!

I am writing because I recently bumped into some sort of  kaleidoscopic Bubble Gang -material encounter with men. I wish to write it down to immortalize these eccentric things. This blog might give me a good laugh when I'm wearing a silver crown 50 or 60 years from now.So here are the two things.

1. If he is treating you regally, check if he's doing it just to you and don't hastily jump into the morbid idea that he likes you. Come on (with eyes rolling)! 

I met someone who has been treating me really very well. I think he was doing beyond the normal things that a guy might usually do. My brother , for example, doesn't send gifts,flood the inbox of a girl nor does he buy someone dinner unless he likes her. Of course, it was very wrong to think that all guys are like my brother. How could I be so wrong? Hahaha! Just imagine how weird,jaw-dropping and downright awkward it was when I learned I wasn't the only one receiving that treatment. Of course, I rolled my eyes. I sort of like rolling it and think of how the lobe responsible for my stupidity is developing in my brain. How do you stop that lobe from developing?

Hence, the crux of the matter is to realize that other men are simply extra sweet. Kindly be aware that others are born to be the 21st century's Giacomo Casanova too.

2. You met a very handsome man who has  the job and skills that can surely make a good provider in your fairy-tale-like dream family,very funny that you think the souls of all the dead comedians resurrected in him and he's strangely so much into you quite rapidly. What to do? Check if he's escaping a relationship he just messed up!

Yes, of course, I heard about the proverbial lines " He said I am the reason why he's changing","He said his world was up side down and I was the reason why his earth and stupid orbit is now back to it's original configuration" and of course, the classic , Rihanna thing now with Chris . I have nothing against forgiving and starting over again. I am against downright stupidity. I've been fighting it myself. hahah!

It is vital that you ask yourself ,why is this person in so much hurry to start a relationship with you? Think about this. One pregnant cheetah might be tailing him and he might want an escape at your turf! You certainly wouldn't like to enter this heavy drama thing between him and his ex who happened to be pregnant or already raising their kid ( or kids!) . I suggest you try to know the people who know him best- his family, friends and workmates. If he says he fell out of love with that woman, then ask those who knew him and her if that woman was after all the culprit of such a messy relationship. Don't just listen to that guy. Double check and be like C.I.A.'s latest recruit! You are way smarter than you think!After all,you wouldn't like to end up with someone who is running away with his responsibilities, right? Would you?Be sane and say NO!Please trust someone who went through this.Hahaahah!

I think life is full of surprises and some surprises may come nasty. The one thing we should remember is how to live according to the values commanded by the One who made us human-our God. He wouldn't want us to be so stupid,right?

Let's Keep Moving Forward!


I Miss You Grandma

Posted Tuesday, February 5, 2013 by deehan1914

I think Grandmas are more sweeter than all the sweets combined. Their eyes speak nothing but thoughtfulness.Oh, how I miss that! I've been blessed with a Grandma whom as I remember was always having eyes teeming with adventure  . I've heard a lot of stories about her trips. She eloquently accounted how she survived the great flood in Leyte and how she tried escaping those who practiced the "Dark Arts". She never had so much money but she lived a life well-lived. I miss listening to her.

I miss her so much that I can still remember how she would laugh. I really miss her.