2013 Davao Area Unity Games at Full Throttle

Posted Friday, May 17, 2013 by deehan1914

I wanted to witness my friends go jerking and twitching! I wanted to be where the action would unfold !
I was soooooooo thrilled because I wanted to see my childhood friends play bastketball in the Regional Level! Growing up, I've always heard how they got scolded by their Moms because they really can't help it- they thought basketball was more irresistible than Mom's lunch.  I could certainly still imagine how their Moms looked! Ha ha!
So, to prepare for that fateful day, I prepared some lunch for my friends. Yeah, I have always known I am such a good friend to have. Ha ha ha! This event happened last February but I had no time to blog about it. I was juggling so many things!

It's Adobo and Rice! Yummy!

The event was held in my University. Yeah, I was in the midst of writing my thesis that time but I decided to focus my energy into this spirited activity.

Taken around 6 am. The opening ceremony was held just right in front of my college. I was actually trying not to be seen by my graduate school professors. Ha ha ha! They might wonder why I was not writing my thesis when I was already so much behind the deadline. Kidding! I finished submitting my requirement for that day. What I should do was to read more related studies. Well, I managed to escape reading books for my thesis for a day just to attend this activity and hey ! I still graduated! See?!!! I'm cool! Ha ha ha!

Got so excited when I saw the banners and heard the clamor of the crowd. We all wanted to see everybody!

Oh! So pretty! I hope my parents made something like this when I finally graduated last April 16th. I think I deserved something as exorbitant as this. I want it to scream " You made it! Go for PhD!" . Oh my!

Yeah, everyone wanted to have their photos taken with this as their backdrop. Who wouldn't?

I joined the Davao Norte crowd even though I already transferred here in Davao West. Blood is thicker than water eh? Ha ha!

I think it's great when kids are exposed to church activities while still young. I hoped the kid wasn't that sleepy to start it this early though. ;b

We were all gathered at USEP. It was very good that it was held here because I know where to find the good comfort rooms ! ha ha ha! Oh my University has been hailed as number 1 University in Mindanao and top 5 University in the whole Philippines. Blessed to have stayed here! http://www.usep.edu.ph/index.php/university-life/news/121-usep-joins-roster-of-top-asian-universities-anew

Kawaii ne!

Found my neighbor and his son!

I wish my Papa could still do this to me.

He likes photos. Wink!

The delegates from Davao Oriental. They were the most colorful!

They traveled for several longer hours than other delegates did but I am impressed by how they prepared for the parade!

The delegates from Davao West were wearing white. I was wearing white too!

Those in yellow were from Davao Norte.

I was standing next to him. I thought it's really great to bring kids during church activities. It's best to train them early!

The players while taking their oath.

He got hungry! He was nearly exhausted even before the event started. Ha ha ha!

Look at his shirt..oh kids are really carefree as long as there's a biscuit. ;b

The center part was reserved for the cheering squads.

The cheering squad from Davao del  Sur.

The kid was busy wandering. Don't worry, he didn't feel hungry! hahaha

The Davao del Sur Cheering Squad.

I couldn't go near. It was so hot and rather difficult to squeeze through the joyful crowd.

My cousin asked me to take a photo of her.

This is me! yay!

It was so hot!

Hello! This is my cousin Mama Gin!

Met some of my neighbors!

Yeah, I wasn't able to sleep well the night before this activity because I was compelled to finish revising the Chapter 2 of my thesis. I was able to finish it before 3 am!

I finished submitting what my professor asked me to do so I had no trouble roaming around the campus. I didn't mind meeting him. I knew he knew that I was a good student. Ha ha ha! I was a bit sleepy when I went here but I got ecstatic when I heard the drums! It summoned my happy spirit to savor the vivacity of the event! Yoohooo!!!

I finally decided to go near them and I didn't mind the summer heat. Yeah, it was SOOOO difficult to get though the crowd!

The Davao del Norte performers were preparing while the Davao del Sur cheering squad was making us all scream for more.

I cheered for them loudly!

I decided to spend my whole day watching basketball. The first reason was that my friends would be playing. Second, it was sooooo hot outside so indoor games would be delightful to watch.

I had some friends. I talked to this cute kid. Our conversation was majorly about how he got that balloon. I wanted to have one. Ha ha!

He also introduced me to his other friend. See? I got two more friends! Yeah, just that easy!

They posed for more!

and more!

The cute thing about this kid was that he decided to wake up when he heard "Gangnam Style". That's cute, right?

If I will have a son in the future, I will also tug him along to cheer for a basketball team. Ha ha ha!

Taken around 8 pm. Davao del Norte (my hometown's district) emerged as Overall Champion! I was so happy! Watching the Binhi, Kadiwa and Buklod basketball match was depressing because our district ( I mean my hometown's district) never made it to the championship. Davao West dominated the basketball event. I belong to Davao West now but I wanted my childhood friends to win. It was a good thing we still end up being hailed as the Overall Champion! Rejoice!


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