When My Wanderlust Brought Me to Lake Sebu

Posted Saturday, November 19, 2011 by deehan1914

It was my first trip with my co-teachers and I was excited beyond words! This wanderlust is too pushy at times!

                                                                  (a googled photo)

Lake Sebu is certainly not a man made lake located in the municipality of :Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. It is located in  Mindanao Island here in my country. It can be reached through this route:

                                                                           (a googled photo)

We started the 4 hours journey from Davao City to the lake at around 3 am on November 7. Some of us worked for a night shift and yes, we started traveling without a good sleep. Nevertheless, our excited souls energized our mortal frames.

We actually took these pictures after the most exciting part of the part.The zip line!

I think the place was safe and I was not able to hear any gun shots. I was furious when I saw the name of the towns we passed through. We managed to pass through the Mangundadatu town and Ampatuan realms. It was actually a gloomy day when we traveled and I was able to see houses soaked with a knee-deep flood. Government officials in those areas were said to be abusive tyrants. I don't know the whole story though. This is what I like about taking trips- I can see first hand the places rumored to be like this and that. I can submerge into deep thoughts and wonder all the wonders I can see ( thank God it's not my PC this time!).


I have always wanted to have wings and fly. Now, I want to have wings and be a Victoria Secret Angel- I don't mind flying. I wondered though if the zip lining could offer me the  happiness of flying without those lovely wings.

This was how we looked when we arrived . I could not wear shorts because it was cold inside the van. It was a wonder how my comrades survived though . The facilities near the zip lining area isn't that developed,  some walls were not painted and you can't find a high end restaurant there . I thanked God I used to be a member of the Girl's Scout of the Philippines- I don't need any high end facilities ( except of course  for a VERY safe zip lining ropes and equipments ). 

One could see areas like these. I think the government is still making the roads bigger and planning to make concrete ones.

That was really for the ones who would love to feel nervous and happy-count me one!That's brave Janie you got there!

Wooohoooaaa! That was S.U.P.E.R.B! I think flying early in the morning allowed me to feel the popular saying " Early bird catches worms" deeply. In this case, "worms" were the sights I saw and the joy vehement inside my heart. I could feel the beauty of my youth! Look! Here are some pictures I took while flying without wings!

The verdant scenery reminds me to feel young and continue to learn more. Yes!I will finish my MBA , be a blessing and grow even more! Woohoooooo!

We survived! Ahooo Ahho! They said one should not bring a camera while taking that awesome ride. As usual, I could not stand listening to them. I know exactly what will make me happy- documenting what I could see while tangled in those ropes. I listened to my heart and I swear I love the video!

A 300 Php package allowed us to zip line twice. The 740 meter high and then the 420 meters high.Get ready to look good because there's a standby photographer ready to make the flying even more benign! I love the pictures they took! Nothing comes for free so you must pay 100 Php for the soft copy or you can opt for 150 Php and receive 2 printed copies plus 6 shots soft copy ( ow, they will give you all the shots they took .In average, it is usually 6.)

Here are some scenes you can see there .

This one was taken after the second zip line. Yeah, you can disregard me here and focus on my backdrop.I can understand. Hahahah!

I saw this on top!  I saw this on top! 

Find me! 

Are you okay Sir Ivan ( the one wearin' blue jacket )? Sporting a frog-like pose huh? hahaha peace!

Oh! That was another reason why I  want to have a good memory. I want to savor again and again the happiness I was feeling. I wanted to remember again and again the joy I was feeling when I can't help but shout to release the wanting and the fear. I want to remember the beauty of this place and I will always glorify God for this another masterpiece He allowed me to experience. Hey! I spent 1,500 only for this trip!

Have a happy trip everyone!Enjoy your youth without losing sight of God's rules. Enjoy His Love - It is the sweetest!


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