When Chopsticks Aren't Only for Food

Posted Thursday, November 3, 2011 by deehan1914

 Yeah, I am not really good with Chopsticks. Growing up, I thought my spoon and fork are universal. 

Certainly, with my little knowledge about chopsticks ( I'm loyal to my spoon and fork plus bare hands) I never imagined it could be used other than when you eat at Chowking.

My last student for today told me something strange . Chopsticks aren't only used for eating ( and this time I swear I wont volunteer my spoon or fork and for the love of God ,I won't ever use my bare hands this way ).Mr.  Hiro , my Japanese student  told me that Chopsticks are used to place their dead loved one's bones , after cremation, inside the urn and that is part of the ceremony they offer to the dead. Plus, members of the family MUST do their share . Goose bumps! 

Here's more, he did that more than ten times...oh I wanted to faint inside GNA office!

In the upper left photo, some bones were too strong ( I guess after gulping Bona , Nido and Anlene for decades ) and relatives must take part in the ceremonial transfer of bones to its perpetual bedroom called urn. I don't criticize them, it was just that my jaw dropped by mere thoughts of it and did I mention the goose bumps?  I thought nothing could survive the optimum temperature range of 1600 degrees to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit!

Cremation takes 2 and a half hours and I think I wont ever let any of my loved ones cremated (Please, don't cremate me too , I will make a good fertilizer so just please allow nature to decompose me okay? swear! )

I thank my student for sending these pictures. These pictures were not too scary though but still my wild imagination is giving me ugly vivid visions ( I hate my rich imagination at times, seriously ).

While our lesson was drawing to its near end, he told me that if I will ever marry a Buddhist ,especially Japanese, I will look like the other lady in the second picture... I was speechless! 


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