The Things That I Will Do Before I Will Die

Posted Thursday, December 1, 2011 by deehan1914

1. Visit Iglesia Ni Cristo Temple at Quezon City, Philippines
2. Help Mom build a rental house
3. Have my own farm
4. Earn a PhD and become a University Professor
5.A trip abroad with my family and Ate Ahwel
6. Send my unsent letters to the supposed receivers
7.Visit Japan with my bff Honey and try Bullet train, experience winter, spring and autumn .I want to taste snow! Melt it in my tongue!
8.Have a good reunion with my MSU-CBI family
9.Organize a project with MSU-CBI family
10.Learn Adobe Photoshop
11. Buy a DSLR camera and photograph for National geographic
12. Send Angelo to a good school
13.Plant more flowers and trees
14. Paint using a pro's materials
15. Sing loud in public
16. Shout at the top of Eiffel Tower with Michelle Cojo
17. Talk to him again and clear things (whoa,sweating now .. c:  )
18. Talk to ^,.,^ and clear things
19. Try bungee jumping, air gliding, jumping on a cliff with a parachute on, more scary zip lines
20. Donate blood
21. Sign an agreement that if I will die, I will donate my organs
22.  Donate to or build a home for the Aged
23. Donate to Orphanages
24.Try having a long hair and be girly ( just for a month)
25. Watch  pop and rock concert live with the man of my dreams
26. Walk and jog with my dog often
27. Buy my dream bed sheet ( winnie the pooh , it looked to comfy and yes, it was expensive.. I will buy it!)
28.Have a son and pray that he will be a church minister
29.Eat more Biko , try Natto and other Japanese foods.
30. Hear more British accent in Britain, visit the places shown in Harry Potter
31. Study abroad ( Asian culture )
32. Touch the pyramids at Giza and hug all of them!
33. take good pictures of my loved ones and my dog
34. Hug and kiss the Libera kids! This choir group is always giving me goosebumps!


  1. bembem

    hehehehehe...halos pariho tayo gusto gawin before mamatay.... hehehehehe miss u ata... blog more

  1. Dens'k

    10.Learn Adobe Photoshop - like this one!
    ang ako nalang jim kay uban2 nalang ko nimo adto ana imong mga adtoan, tigdala imong mga gamit. hehehe

  1. deehan1914

    hahaha yes densio! tudlui nakug photoshop...

  1. Dens'k

    hahaha..nindot na u labels.. visit gud ni online photoshop

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