A day with "ME" and the Happitudes

Posted Tuesday, November 1, 2011 by deehan1914

 "Here’s the truth: Happiness doesn’t depend on your external situation, but on your internal disposition. 
Your happiness doesn’t depend on whether you get a pay increase or not. It doesn’t depend on whether you’ll be able to lose 10 pounds or not.  It doesn’t depend on whether you have an iPhone or not.  It doesn’t depend on whether the stock market is up or not. It doesn’t depend on whether you have a boyfriend or not.
As shocking as this may sound, your happiness doesn’t depend on any external thing. Your happiness depends on only one thing: Do you have a happy attitude? Do you have happitude? " 

-Bo Sanchez

Yes, I vow to have happitudes for life!   Thank you Bo for inspiring me , how could I ever thank you !

And so, here is my simple happy story for today.

I've been so busy lately that I wasn't able to have a good rest for so long. I could not remember the last time I was this satisfied with my sleep. 

I never went anywhere today other than attending a church choir practice earlier this morning.I woke up 4 am and rushed to our church to attend to my church duties. My day was then spent just alone here inside my small yet comfortable room. I believe in the idea that you don't need to go far to have inner peace . I decided that I must stay here inside my rented room and rest. Yeah, for the love  of God, let me have a good rest.

I wanted to jog tomorrow ... but I don't want to jog alone.  Yes, I enjoy doing things alone at times ..and yes.. jogging alone here in the city sounds thrilling but it will be more thrilling if I will have someone to talk to. I spent the day today alone and it's enough. I am not a loner. There are times (like today) that I wish to just be confined somewhere not hot and don't exhaust myself but certainly,  I don't intend to perpetually do this . I will go bananas if that will be the case !

I watched Kung Fu Panda II earlier today and I so love him! The flabby and eccentric character made me giggle ( and take note, I was alone).Indeed, even if you are alone and chooses to be amused and happy inside ..yes YOU CAN .Hey,  even if you are a billionaire and is the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queen and yet chooses to be unhappy inside , what life is that?  

I was also able talk to Mama,Papa and Jaynan over skype. Wow.. I never thought I will miss them (hahaha,kidding). I watched videos of Vice Ganda too and I wish I could bring home  his sense of humor. How can you hate someone who made you laugh most of the time? And for that reason , I wish to become a stand up comedian for life! I worry about the clothes they wear though.. I always enjoy my sneakers and I will never trade them for some grotesque shoes... yes, more so if those shoes are signed by Lady Gaga !

To document another showcase of my "happitude day" I took some pictures too. Here are some photographs that I wish could launch a thousand ships (oh,yeah,gimme a break historians! ).

After sleeping for 5 hours I realized that a good sleep is too precious that it could never be replaced with a good date with someone..hahahha ! Well, exemptions included (wink) ! 

Yes, this picture will be soon posted near the Bankerohan! Caption? " Feel the glow of healthy... nose" hahahha..ambot!

I looked like a harassed woman here. I thank God I don't need to be really harassed just to get this look. It's all natural ( hahaha, tabang! )

This is when you are confused with ugliness ,playfulness and  cuteness. I need a good helping hand,seriously ( wink! hhahaha).

I just copied this look. I just wonder if it will work for my blog. It's my blog anyway, so shut up! hahaha.

I wonder when will have a rest like this.Whatever will happen.. I will make sure to have a happy mindset. I need to be happy to be sane.  I will watch another Disney movie before another good slumber. A happy day everyday everyone ! 


  1. twinkle

    i agree with you...being happy doesnt mean that you have to go out and be with someone,or there must be material things involve..I too giggles a lot when watchin movies alone...that only means that you were able to attain entertainment from what you're watchin, on top of that you felt flamboyant... I myself is an outgoin person but there were times that i feel happy being alone...not that no one is around me, sometimes i would go to the beach with my pen and just a notepad, scribbling anythin that comes to my mind...you need not have everythin for you to be happy, simple as it may seem ,yet you are bound to attain happiness...

  1. deehan1914


    Hello.. thanks for reading! Have that happitude forever :)

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