Glad To Be Back

Posted Monday, January 27, 2014 by deehan1914

I have been with ENC/GNA for over three years and saying that I enjoy this job is an understatement.
I just don’t enjoy this, I love this!
I could still remember how scared I was when I had my first lesson and I am so thankful to have loyal students who continued to take my lessons since then.
What I love about working with ENC/GNA is that I can choose my time.
This job allowed me to finish graduate school and I can never thank my manager enough for being so good to me.
I also love that my workmates are smart, fun-loving and optimistic.
Most of the teachers and staffs share the same passion for traveling, reading and sharing blessings.
I feel blessed that I have students who appreciated my lessons through their sincere thanks and they even made me one of the top teachers last year. Their smiles and appreciations are so addictive that I can’t stop but long for more. Their thanks sent me to Nirvana several times.
These are the reasons why even after finishing graduate school and now working in a University, I am back as a part-time home-based ENC/GNA teacher. I am thrilled beyond words!
I love being part of this family!


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