My First Set of Offline Students

Posted Monday, February 3, 2014 by deehan1914

I knew it would be fun and how wrong I was. This is something more than fun! Teaching University stundents is awesome beyond words! Alas, after ages of sitting in front of my computer teaching ESL , I finally got my first set of offline students! My shell of sanity went ecstatic when I was told I got hired!

Now, more than ever, I am convinced that Teaching is really FUN!


ammm... look at their epic faces!

                                            I think FUN is really written all over their faces, huh?

                                           We had "Paint Me A Picture" activity.

                                                     We also had some juicy debates.

                                                      We had some Product Launching.

                                                         And had our party, of course!

                                             I can't wait for more fun-filled activities!


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