Riveting June: The Dahilayan Adventure Park Escapade

Posted Thursday, June 27, 2013 by deehan1914

              I feel immensely happy because I am able to do what I love to do and the students are seeing and appreciating my abilities. I received the cash incentive and had a very good trip with co-teachers the next day. Yes, the bolstering excitement I was having last June 11 was supreme because I was also due to meet my University roommate in Dahilayan !

Here's a photo of Me + the GNA staffs. Taken near the pineapple plantation in Bukidnon.

We really stopped to have our photos taken with these towering landmark as our backdrop. I was actually feeling sleepy during that time! From here, it took us 30 minutes to reach Manolo Fortich.

                        Below is a phot with GNA staff madem Juna! Look at our backdrop! Rodeo!

I finally met my soul-sister!

                                                       Got our ticket for the Dropzone!

Getting ready...


It was AH MEY ZEEEENNNG!!!!  Visited Forest Park too. This is next to Dahilayan. We paid 100 pesos per person.

Said Hi to this man!

tried to befriend this lady...

 I hope I could build something like this in our backyard.

Love them all!

I'll come back and try this!

Looks like Tagatay!

Why are they taller than me?

Someone asked to kiss me...I said yes.yay!

And oh! look at this...She tried to smell my hair! 

I tamed this! Hahaha

I think this is a slice of heaven!

We just wanted to make this as our backdrop.Haha


  1. lea marie sabroso

    nice mam janie :D

  1. Moonlit Ysay

    wow!! love the pictures! Can I grab some?hehe
    My post for this is not yet finish. I envy you :( haha Truly it was really fun! ^.^

  1. deehan1914

    @mam lea! miadtu unta ka ui...hehee

  1. deehan1914

    @mam gracia : oo mam gracia ui!

  1. Jade Sparks

    wow, at naglaag jud ka diri huh!


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