Burgeoning Excitement \(*o*)/

Posted Sunday, June 9, 2013 by deehan1914

I am so excited and I can't deny it! (BIG GRIN)
We will visit Dahilayan Adventure Park this Wednesday with my co-teachers and I'll get to meet my soul-sister too! How's that huh?????? I am sooooooooo happy!!!! July 12 is a National Holiday here in the Philippines and that means happiness! I know I'll be severely tired but it's sooooooo okay! We will start traveling around 2 am (July 12) and maybe we will be back here in Davao around 12 midnight or 1 am (July 13). I'll just have a short rest and I must go to church around 4 am for our worship service. I won't miss this worship service! I'll thank God again for all the joy I am feeling now. Life is really beautiful even if sometimes we may think the contrary! Life is very very beautiful! I think we just need to change our perspective of the world and make our life more joyful. Counting our blessings is a sure good way to get started! It's our choice to jump into life's happier shade! 

Oh! I am itching to try these Rolling Zorb Ball and Zip Line!

Photo Credit: tengturista.blogspot.com
Photo Credit:www.dahilayanadventurepark.com

and the Dropzone...oh my God!!!!!!

Photo Credit:www.traveltabai.com

Photo Credit:www.traveltabai.com

These are all terribly exciting, right? Hahahaah Yes, those straps must be fastened with immaculate care!  Oh! Come Wednesday!!!!


  1. lea marie sabroso

    I envy you teacher janie.. I can;t go there ( tears) I have to work on JUne 12 (tears again)

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