Mulling About My Job

Posted Monday, October 21, 2013 by deehan1914

I have been working here for over three years now and what is really making me stay longer is my fondness to my students. I know that other schools are just a stone's throw away and I am positive that I can easily land a job in another company but the mere thought of not being able to see my students from GNA/ENC again is just depressing beyond words. I am sure I have a serious case of separation anxiety.  ;b

I could still remember how I was interviewed and how equally nervous I was when I first officially had my lessons. I don't think there were just butterflies in my stomach, I think there were dinosaurs or something notorious than them waging war inside. Haha! I think I got bowel movement troubles because of that. Looking back, I am sure I matured. I know I became better than my old self and I think this is the best way how a person should compare himself- comparing your present self with the previous" you".

I am also very happy that I really received very good training here.

I also like that this job is beautifully sharpening my command in English. I also love that I get to read a lot. It's like getting paid while reading!

The pay isn't as sky-high as Lada Gaga's heels but it's somehow comfortable.
Of course, I want a better paying job and I am sure that I might transfer soon but one thing will remain constant- I will still work even as a part-time GNA teacher. In that case, it's not 100% goodbye after all!
The major drawback here is just the pay but it's not really very very low. It's just that I have greater needs.

This job made me finish graduate school. It made me afford tuition fees and field trips. Hence, I am really really very thankful of this job.

I'll keep moving forward!


  1. Iraida Juna Butalid

    wow ,, your so amzing mam janie. I salute you hehehe

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