December 05,2012: The Aftermath in Pictures

Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2012 by deehan1914
That metal frame used to be part of our garage.
Our beds were so wet. We spent the whole day washing our clothes and cleaning our house.
The garage of my neighbor.
Some houses near our place.
Near Crossing Gabi,Poblacion,Compostela,Compostela Valley.
Some fallen utility poles.
Along national highway near crossing Gabi.
No more restaurant near Legacy College of Compostela.
Some destroyed houses in Poblacion ,Compostela.
A common scene in Poblacion,Compostela,Compostela Valley.Taken near Petron Gasoline Station at Crossing Gabi.
Legacy College of Compostela. Classes will resume this January.
Fallen Mango tree.
Most trees within the realm of the Municipal Hall looked like this.
National Food Authority Building.
Some old trees remained standing.
Wrong place for a roof.
The mud.
One of Mom's plants.
Some kids started drying their notebooks.
The Sari-Sari Store who surpassed the storm..
Our market area. The flood was up to the waist,neck or even higher. Many businessmen lost so much inventories.
An old house.
Phoenix Gasoline Station in Compostela,Compostela Valley.
Our neighbor's. It reached near our door.
The wet beds.
Standing still.
An acquaintance who lost his house.100% gone!
The sunset. Time to rest the tired hands .


  1. Lalaine

    Thanks Deehan for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Hope to have a good life there in your place :)

  1. deehan1914

    Hi lalaine!! Thank you very much!! Yes, our true God will always rescue us! Thank you for visiting my blog too!

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