When Typhoon Pablo Visited Us,We Acted Like a Rooster

Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2012 by deehan1914
The view from our attic. The nearby banana plants started to fall.Taken around 6:30 am.
My neighbor's house as seen from our attic.
The wind was so strong! After the storm,all bananas in our town fell.100% down!
My neighbor. he went to their roof to fix it.Few seconds after he went down,the wind was at it's strongest. He was lucky to go down seconds before that blow.I took this from our attic. I was really worried about him.
The roofs shouldn't be there!
Our backyard.No more poultry house.No more vegetable garden.Our Durian tree fell as well as our mango tree.
Outside our house. Our washing machine looked like that. Some of our roofs were on the ground too.
I couldn't find a good angle to show the roofless part.There was flood so this was the best angle I could have.
Our storm-torn garden. The 210 kph typhoon Pablo was this strong.
The saved belongings of our neighbors.
The four-day-old baby on top of our dining table.
The view from my window.
That red roof is our roof.
No more bananas.
Some of the kids who stayed with us.
Can you see that metal frame? That used to be part of our garage.

On the next day, I heard a cracked voice of our Rooster shrieking "Tok To Ka Okk ". The Rooster sounded off. I bet he was having some lung problem. I was impressed. The Roosted did his duty of signaling everyone of a brand new day even with his poor voice. I imagined we did the same. We helped each other,we did our duties to our family and neighbors even if we got so much damage. That night(dec.04), I slept using curtains as a blanket because I gave my dry blankets to the other people who stayed in our house.Our beds were all wet so I slept on a piece of wood.I slept next to my parents. There were 7-10 families inside our house.There was even a 4-day-old baby. We were  almost 30. Our roofs were blown away but my father tried to place temporary roofs so that we can sleep well at night. He was so brave. He made it to our roof even if he is old and fat. I tried stopping him but he was in his elements. He was calm,thoughtful and clever.He's amazing.

The houses of neighbors were wiped out and I saw it. It was heartbreaking.

I thank God that even we lost our family business,He spared our lives. We could have been dead!

[Pictures taken December 04,2012 ,when typhoon Pablo visited Compostela,Compostela Valley,Philippines.]


  1. Richard Celeste

    Hi Jimnanie,

    Glad that you and your family are safe. I am amazed with your family's generosity and selflessness to help the needy. Keep it up. I am praying that your family and everyone affected will be able to recover the losses very soon.

    God bless...

  1. deehan1914

    Hi Sir Rich! I miss you!!!! I mis room 2 CBAA!! Thank you very much for your prayers. I will surely help! I hope to see you again someday!

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