Cheap Attraction Hurts -financially,emotionally and spiritually

Posted Sunday, September 4, 2011 by deehan1914

Today, I am not stunned to hear that my best friend is heart broken ..again. 

I broke my heart years ago, and another one took months ago, just to live with my principle that I should not hurry love. I decided not to have a relationship with him because I know I was not having the right reasons to be in such tangle.

In my age, I am usually confronted with these issues -love issues. 

Most of my friends got numerous girlfriends/boyfriends while I never really had one, a fact which I am honest about.

I think (and please don't always assume I am right) , young people like me are hurt because they hurry love.

I think being single is one of the best time to grow spiritually with God.

While we are preparing to be financially stable. Equally, we must strive to be spiritually matured.

How many are thinking that a good spouse will only come from God? That a good spouse is a blessing we must work out to be truly a worthy recipient. Will God reward you the man or woman of your dreams if God thinks that you are not spiritually, emotionally and financially worthy to have one? 

If you are having a girlfriend/boyfriend now but could not imagine a family with him, why are you still with him? Isn't it a sheer waste of time?

They say I must have a boyfriend for “experience". I am sorry but I respect mankind and I won’t just play with their emotions. I sincerely think it's gruesome to ever have a relationship with that sole reason in mind.

Why are people so worried with relationships with "other" people and not minding their relationship with God?

You will never be satisfied without God.

A good pair comes from God.

Do what He wants and these things will just be added to us.

I am no prefect, I am writing now to help my self refresh my ideologies. Just like others, I do fail more than what you can imagine.


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