Maybe Next Time

Posted Monday, August 22, 2011 by deehan1914

Maybe Next Time

Two old friends meet again
Wearin’ older faces
And talk about the places they’ve been

Two old sweethearts who fell apart
Somewhere long ago
How are they to know
Someday they’d meet again
And have a need for more than reminiscin’'

-Maybe This Time, Michael Murphy

I never thought I would remain this loyal.

Sometimes I doubt if in my past life I was Hachiko.

You are still the only one that I am dreaming about each night.

You are still the one I remember each time I listen to music. This is too whimsical.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever meet you again. How will it feel?

I wish to get over from you because I can feel you no longer care for me.

It is really sad to love the one who used to love you so much too.

I am focusing with careers. Hoping that somewhere down the road, our circumstances would amazingly

allow us to be together ..ostensibly just like in my dreams.

Yeah, I know I am still so crazy about you. Is it too bad to feel this way?

If it is not you, even if I deeply wish it would be you, I would hereby conclude that indeed..not everything

I want is given to me.

Perhaps , you are too good to be mine. Perhaps, someone who can cook better is good for you.

I would forever be jealous of her.

Owh.. How old am I? hahaha I wish to get over of these stuffs.Oh Good! :)

Have a Happy Day Everyday Everyone!


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