I Miss My Soul-Sister

Posted Wednesday, September 14, 2011 by deehan1914

I walk alone, go to school alone, shop alone,eat alone and go to church alone.

I am missing her terribly.

I will always be glad of knowing her. I feel so blessed knowing that somewhere ...someone is thinking about me and is worrying about how my hair will look like today.

I don't know how God is doing that but His plots are always prefect. I would forever wonder how my soul-sister and I met.

When I was a University student, I endured the pain of not seeing my family thanks to my God who gave me friends who loved me so much.Sometimes, I am thinking why God is letting some friendships grow and some friendships into disaster. My soul-sister is a blessing I could never imagine why I am worthy of having.

My graduate school tasks, work and other duties moved me too far from her..physically but not in her heart (certainly). I am thinking how will I best cheer for her when I am this far and right now..I wonder if she is really fine. She is really like a big sister to me.Biologically, I don't have any sister and I am glad having her around.

I wonder when we will see each other again, I wonder who will she be married with, I wonder how will I feel if she will have a boyfriend and  I wonder how will I feel if I will see her right now.


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