I’ll Remember You

Posted Tuesday, March 12, 2013 by deehan1914

This song is inspiring me so much this time. The lines speak so much about how I feel now. I especially adore the following lines.I find it striking to the core!

"When everyone expects a frown, they’ll see a smile
‘Cause I’ll remember You"

I think starting the day with a smile is awesome and I just can't keep seeing many other amusing things amidst the seemingly insurmountable tasks that I must finish even if I'm already chugging all day. People around me yesterday made my day light even if I expected me to be more anxious of the deadlines that I must meet.  They all must have been heaven-sent! Thank you for a gaily wrapped day!

Now, let's sing! Click here for the link to the audio.

Lyrics by Brother Philip Velasquez
Music by Brother Ryan Solitario
Arrangement by Brother Patrick Lorenzo
Vocals by Sister Kimberly Bonares
(Rock Version Vocals by Brother Eduard Pingol
Rock Version Arrangement by Southwest Houston Band)

You knew me from the very beginning,
You accepted me for what I was,
You saw beneath the layers of my former life
Then You chose to peel them away, ‘coz of Your great love
You were patient to train me to be strong and wise,
You were full of compassion and understanding
But never compromising what was good and right
Always teaching me, never letting me out of Your sight
I won’t give up, for I’ll remember You
Even when the world seems to go against me, I’ll remember You
Though it seems that there’s nowhere and no one else to turn to,
I’ll remember You
When everyone expects a frown, they’ll see a smile
‘Cause I’ll remember You
Now there’s no turning back from the life You showed me
A life with meaning and fulfillment
To truly know what it means to love
To care for something greater than myself
You were always there for me to call on
You promised me You would be there during times of need
So I didn’t become sad when You took a step back
‘Cause You just wanted to see if I’d still remember You
Copyright © 2010 Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ)


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