Janie is Ruddy with Life,Hello 2013!

Posted Sunday, January 13, 2013 by deehan1914
The throes of unremitting suffering I've seen and experienced did not hinder me to wear the smile that a chosen one must have.Yes, I have been sad but it's me being human .I am now wearing a genuine smile and this is something idiosyncratic!

This smile is rather beguiling. It's as if I didn't experience the improbable typhoon in a Valley I call home. The experience was harrowing yet inspiring. I think that's the crux of every travail- realizing God is true in His promises. I grew up being told that typhoons don't come in our place. How very wrong it was. I felt the typhoon.I watched it breathing fiercely in a total functioning madness.If my faith in God was rickety, it could have been blown away along with the weak roofs.Of course,I've been stronger than Pablo! Thank God!

I wanted to write my "guiding principles" and not my "new year's resolution" earlier this year. I find it of paramount importance to change the title.Haha!I remember I wrote the maaaaaany things I wanted to do but  somewhere in between those busy months of juggling church,work and school I got lost! Of course, that's not new to me and to the 92% of people all around the world who swore they'll keep up with their new year's resolution but failed (Hey!! I am not making that up! Here's the link Forbes:Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year's Resolutions. , See?? :b I googled that so that it's not so heartbreaking that I didn't achieve all the new year's resolutions I listed last year hahaha )

So here's my 2013 guiding principles.

1. To continuously uplift my spiritual life .It's always on top. I will always strive to become the woman God wants me to be.I've been listening to more and more INC Christian songs here. (I love musicians ..you know!) Nagbunga ako last year. Sana this year din! I gave several copies of the God's message magazine to my classmates and my professor this week. I will continuously do this! This is all for You ,Ama!

2. To not mind about having a boyfriend. Seriously, this not something easy but I am so sure that God is still preparing the right man for me. I don't want to bounce from one relationship to another simply because of my immaturity (or his immaturity or both haha). I will never understand why my friends will say that it's a "bitter life" if you don't have a boyfriend and still like your University crush even if he is miles away. What's wrong with that,huh? It's more fun not to be such tangle when you know you are STILL preparing yourself to be worthy of the man who will seek your hand from God.I need to finish my masters degree and become a University Professor first!See,I am not just waiting for that man,I am preparing myself to be worthy of him!I am not not sure who will be that man is but right at this moment I am still savoring the beauty of this season in my life-the season of being joyfully single!

3.To show more love to my family,friends,dogs and strangers. "We must not only give what we have but also what we are."I find that striking to the core!I will show kindness and show more love everyday. It makes me feel soooo high whenever kids smile at me after giving them some chocolates or after I helped them with their homework.I've been greatly inspired by the INC-Giving Show here .During the typhoon, I've been helping some neighbors and helped the distribution of some relief goods. I swear it's a totally different shade of happiness and sense of fulfillment when you know you helped other people. It's something so vehement inside and you thirst of doing it more and more! It's so addictive!  More so if you tried extending help to non-members of your species-like animals. I am an ultimate dog lover ! I love dogs very much (do I need to say it again?hahaa). I enjoy doing simple acts of kindness everyday! About my family, I've been giving flowers to Mom during her birthday and during mother's day. This year, I will buy gifts and not just buy them food. It has been rather customary that we just eat.I think it will be great if I'll give gifts.Oh well..I must save!Ring...ring...thesis!!! I will smile more and be more kind. I am not so sure how can I be kind to strangers but yes,it all starts with smiling! :D

I've been living the dream of having a healthy life already. I tried stress management so I've been kind to my self. I eat healthy foods and do some exercise so I think I'm pretty good ( this is purely based on my standards..hahaha)!

So my list will be only that short!I'm tired of writing sooooooooo many things and fall in between the cracks in the end!

Let's show acts of kindness everyday! \(*0*)/


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