Remember November

Posted Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by deehan1914

It's true.When the going gets tough,the tough gets going!I must endure!"When things are difficult, strong people take action and do not despair."That's it!

I've been really busy thinking about my thesis. I haven't even got a haircut.Oh well,it seems that my hair now has a mind of its own.It goes wherever it pleases.Oh! I need a haircut!I had two weeks off from school and I did all sorts of relaxation I could possibly have because this November will be really challenging.Yes, I forgot the haircut thing!

I am having a sore throat now and yesterday was the most terrible. I couldn't work because I couldn't talk  I know I've been harsh to my vocal chords by often screaming joyfully whenever my Dog learns a new trick and telling almost everyone I know about it (Oh just like now..hahaha ). I could actually say same lines,  with same energy to different people if it's about my Dog! (Of course , with eyes teeming with happiness ! ) This sore throat is possibly because of the weather and because I've been not really taking care of my throat . Today, I resumed teaching and I've been very touched ( I am a softy, you know!) when students sent their messages hoping I'll be fine soon. I think I can be really very fine soon because many people are thinking and praying for me! How sweet!

Here are their  messages:
Student #1
" I hope you get well soon!" 

This is from a student living in Yokohama-shi.She's my student every morning!

Student #2
" Teacher Janie, I am sorry for writing to you without permission .. I am the student who was to have a lesson from you at 24:30 November the 5th. I heard that you were ill  ;(  and I couldn't help writing to you and saying I really hope you will get well soon ! Please take good care of yourself, sometimes freed from your studies and work. I am looking forward to seeing you again in the next lesson ! Mythy "

This one is from another student who can talk as fast as I can!

Student #3
"Janie-san,take care and I want to hear your voice soon.You are always happy and busy .Please relax your voice. I received the notice from GNA about your condition. I understand so don't worry.See you!"

This is from an old lady living with her cats. I just love her stories!

Life is really great!  This is what I like about this job,it really doesn't feel like working! I never thought I'll become a teacher. I initially wanted to become a nurse . Nursing used to be popular here and my best friend Honey wanted to become a nurse (she is a nurse now). I never really had an idea of what should I become. Oh, I am so scared of blood, corpses and I am a softy - no good to become a nurse! For me, a hospital is a very stressful place. I am sad whenever old people are left behind by their relatives and are there by themselves. I also think it's a very risky job. What if I'll give the wrong medicine??? I just can't imagine how tragic it will be! I took up a business degree because my father doesn't want me to study English more.He insisted that I am already good at it so I must not study it. I protested but he won. Oh, I actually won! I became an English teacher even with a business degree.Hahaha! I had my OJT in a bank but I never liked working in a bank. I will die with the tons of paper works! Teaching is what I want. I realized that so late! It was only when I started teaching with GNA. Now, I am working but I never had that "Monday Blues". I look forward of seeing students. I enjoy teaching kids,single moms, busy dads, charming grandmothers, funny grandfathers, university students and Japanese English teachers who are still taking GNA lessons to polish their English skills. It's so interesting! I can talk with so many things. In the bank, I will only talk about "banking" matters. I find that really boring!  Now, my goal is to become a University Professor. I will become one!

Oh! I have a VERY good news! I got exempted for the Comprehensive Exam. That means I got the average necessary for me to proceed into writing my thesis right away! So Happyyyyyyyyyy!!! I thank God for the wisdom! I already got my thesis adviser and I like his being enthusiastic. I am hopeful I'll graduate next year. I must graduate this term because it's so expensive to go to school . I must finish this!

Anyway, I recently got another favorite from Jollibee( a fast food restaurant in PH , it's like McDonald's).
It's their new Milo Blast!

This has been my ultimate love -Peach Mango Pie from Jollibee!

 note: photos were just googled.

I should be fine soon so that I can eat my Milo Blast! Good night!


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