My Harry Potter Fondness

Posted Sunday, November 25, 2012 by deehan1914

Yesterday, I went to National Bookstore - the place where I wish I could stay for a looooooooong time and read for free. I went here to check possible books that I can refer to for my thesis but I couldn't help notice this Happy Potter box. I wanted to have this but it's so expensive.I've read all the Harry Potter books but those books were not hardbound books. Ha ha! I know the contents are the same but I still wish I can have hardbound ones because this series is my favorite series! J.K. Rowling jinxed me and made a bookworm! I will forever be thankful for her.

Right now,two of my GNA students read the first book ( Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ) during our lessons. I find it REALLY fun! <3 Imagine reading your favorite book again and again and getting paid!They said they wanted to read the book. I gave them the BIGGEST YES that I can ever give.It all started when we talked about favorite books and they told me that they've read Harry Potter in Japanese language and they wish to read it in English. We are always having fun reading!


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