Pottermore House Cup Result

Posted Thursday, November 22, 2012 by deehan1914

I am happy even if our house didn't win. I got sorted to Ravenclaw and we had the fewest members.I also didn't contribute any points for our house. Haha! I could hardly perfect brewing the Cure for Boils potion. It requires time to practice and I certainly don't have much. I was yeah..downright useless for our house. :D  This is the only online game I play mainly because I love J.K. Rowling.What I like about pottermore.com ( and the real reason why I am in pottermore) are the bonus stories about the characters in the movie.I like how she constructs sentences too.Haha! I can learn! I also love the life story of Prof. McGonagall. I really like the quality of J.K. Rowling's imagination.


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