Thoughts About Happiness

Posted Thursday, October 4, 2012 by deehan1914

I've never been really pessimistic and I am rarely unhappy. I know how intoxicating pessimism is ,not only to the person, but also to those who surround that person. I don't like that negative energy.I don't want to be surrounded with those people.  I think it corrupts the happy moments that God wanted me to have. I feel that being always angry, unhappy and loudly ranting will not attract the positive energies in the universe. I think it's a giant black hole that will lead me into something so evil that I can't and won't even imagine. I don't have any clear reason why I don't usually cry so hard about something.I just think it's a sin to be very sad for too long.  If I did my best and still failed, I don't usually feel very sad about it. Believe me, I can still manage to laugh about it and even forgive myself. I don't stay too long in being unhappy.I don't like being unhappy. I hate it. I usually move on and pray that I'll grow wiser because of that event. I like being wise. I want to be wiser each day. Over the years, I realized that it's not wise to be too negative. Thank God for this realization! I am enjoying life even if I'm sick, busy and tired.How? When I'm sick, I enjoy my Mom's attentions and my Dad's kind words. When I'm busy, I feel that I'm doing my best to reach my goals. It makes me feel sensible. When I'm tired, I feel satisfied. Years ago, I finally decided what I want with my life and I spent the last 2 years of my life trying to achieve the plans I laid. I am finally living my mission and continuously pursuing my vision. Thank God!

I also realized that we should not depend our happiness to those whom we trust, work with or the world. We should not burden others and ask them to make us happy. I realized that it's wise not to pressure others to behave in a certain way and so that that we can laugh all day. The people who surround us are VERY different from us no matter if we say that they are our relatives,bffs or our twin! They are not robots too! You can never program them to behave in the manner that you fancy and you can't and should not expect them to make you smile all the time. They are not here to make you laugh like crazy all year round. They are here to let you experience the beauty of experiencing the other "available" feelings in the world.They are here so that you will master the art of controlling your feelings.  Happiness is just one of those feelings. We will grow more if we will experience those varying feelings. Yes, we need to experience sadness but we should not let it dominate in our life. Sadness is a necessary emotion too and in  excess of it is fatal...really fatal!


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