On Being Hopeful

Posted Monday, October 15, 2012 by deehan1914
Photos were taken inside my purple room. It was still so early in the morning and I don't really need to wear sunglasses outside .Hahaah I just tried to take photos of myself wearing my sunglasses (just checking if I look cool wearing it..haha).This was taken before I started traveling to my school.(Oct.13,2012)

 Hello! I finally finished my two examinations. Yes, only two. I was supposed to take three final examinations last Saturday but my Professor decided to move our Business Policy and Strategy exam on Oct. 20. Actually, I wanted all my examinations to end that day. I wanted to be free from the burden of studying so many things. However, I think God knows that I should study more so He moved my last exam to another date. Hahah! Well, at least ,I only have one exam to worry about. :D

My accounting examination went SOOOOOO fine! Hahaha... I answered the easy questions first . I was perplexed ,yes, but I was expecting the examination to be so difficult that I might not be able to answer many questions. Oh well, it was difficult but not as much as I expect it to be. I was soooooooo happy!!! I was actually the 4th one to finish the exam . Cheers! On that day, I also received my ratings for our oral defense during our Management Control System Forum and I got a 1.0 grade ( here in the Philippines, a 1.0 rating is the highest rating a Professor can give ). Cheers! Our paper received a 1.25 remark(another cheers!credits to my group-mate Christian Paul who really drafted the paper.Hugs Christian,you are really gifted!!  ). The weekly written analysis of the cases that we submitted as a group(which I am usually the only one making) also received mostly 1.0 remarks. How could I not be be VERY happy? Thanks to my God who gave me the energy and wisdom to finish the tasks. Accounting was never an easy subject for me. It was my great God who gave me all what I needed! Yeah, I got dark circles under my eyes and I was sleep deprived for several occasions but I am very happy that all my efforts paid off . Wow! How fulfilling!

For my Competitive Strategies in a Global Economy examination, I think the most difficult question was about how the Philippine government should deal with the conflict with China so that the Banana industry can survive. Oh, it was difficult!Generally, I am hopeful that my essay answers could satisfy my very smart Professor (fingers crossed :D).

For my last class, that's my 4pm -7pm class, our Professor decided to move the exam. Oh! I am hopeful I'll do well on this exam next Saturday. I'll give it my best and God will do the rest. \(*0*)/

I will miss my classmates T.T

I thank God for allowing me to meet amazing people. My perspective in life really improved because of them. God is really using different ways for me to learn well His lessons in life. I can really feel that the best is yet to come and I am very thrilled about what will happen to me. Yes, I have plans but I know God loves to surprise me. My plans might fail but I am confident God is just telling me that He has BETTER plans. I failed so many times and over the years I have developed a deep trust to Him because there were so many things that I thought was a "failure" and then later on I realized it was "a way" to realize God's better plans.

Yes, I was physically exhausted last Saturday but my heart was really filled with joy. Even though I arrived home so late and I woke up so early the next day ( I woke up 4 am on the next day because I have duties in the church) , I was reinvigorated by the idea that I am on my way into making my life really fruitful.

I am hopeful that I will only end up in something really very good. If it's not very good,then it's not the end. I am born victorious! Ganbatte Janie!

Photos taken last Sunday (Oct,14) after I went to church. Yes, I strive hard to improve my career but this not my priority. My priority is my spiritual life. After all, this place is not my "real" home. I am just a traveler here. My real home is the new Jerusalem.


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