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Posted Sunday, August 5, 2012 by deehan1914

Ah! This cute photo of Spy and I was taken last week. I took this after my GNA lessons. I was really busy last week. I needed to do so many things for school. I think I really looked terrible last week. Oh boy! The ugly dark circles were making me look unattractive. As always, I've placed more concern on my Corporate Finance report than on my looks. I like how I see things. Hahah! I decided not to place too much efforts in looking good especially in wearing trendy clothes in a effort to possibly catch Mr.Prince Charming's attention. Ah! High heels give me terrible pains and I don't like wearing tight clothes . See, I've always been comfortable wearing T-Shirts,pants and sneakers. I finally got over with using a backpack to graduate school though. Thanks to my sponsors who grew tired of seeing me bring same backpack since I was a University student..ahaha! I received beautiful "lady-like" bags! Oh!Thank you!!! 

This is how I exactly looked last week. Ah! I love my long hair..(only that!) I posted this photo on Facebook and I was really surprised, I must say pleased , reading the comments from my friends. Here are some of the comments I got.

                                                   Jetskie Ferasol ur still pretty madem
Cheryl M. Sapocado soooo pweeeetteee :D ♥
Tanya Miya you still look cute..

Hahah! I just hope my friends are honest this time. So often we tend not to hurt others by saying the "good thing" rather than the "real thing"..LOL... I am guilty to that sometimes and's making me hard to believe in appreciations sometimes. Anyway, I hope I will look better after all these school tasks. I want to graduate and realize my dreams!
Today, I've been asked again why I don't have a boyfriend.Ah! Is it really a necessity this time? Why's everybody asking me that? Why's everybody expecting me to have a boyfriend? I told the world about my reasons several times. The reasons all boil down to "timing". Timing is everything. I don't think it's sensible to have a boyfriend now that I am still a student. 

Anyway, why do guys asks you if you can be courted? If you say yes, does it mean the guy has a little bit of an insurance that he will succeed in his courtship?   If a girl says no, why would he say he will "wait" until the girl is ready? Really? Wait that long? Oh! I have a good feeling he CAN'T wait and will soon find a good target as "replacement". Hahah! I am not a fan of guys' sweet words specially if I just met them. I grew up with three boys and I heard a lot of their conversations. Maybe, it's one of the reasons why I don't want to have a boyfriend right now !

Yeah, I got a crush on someone from one of my  class now, still admire the intelligence of someone from my past and love how truthful the other guy from my past was and now ,  I wish all of their "lovable" features can be contained into that one man that I will meet someday. That will be impossible , I know, but I hope something close to that.

I've been telling my friends I will have a boyfriend when I'm done with school just to escape to their scrutinizing eyes. Honestly, I don't have any idea if I will really have one. Right now, I haven't seen that guy who would really make me feel crazy about him. 

Oh! I can get myself a boyfriend someday! Watch out! It's gonna be NOT anytime soon!


  1. Anonymous

    nasuya ko...nahan napud ko mag.alaga ug dog...
    c mama naa pud xai dog mao rai iya lingaw since xa nlang isa...

  1. Anonymous

    c Ama na maghatag sa right guy pra sa imo ji.
    malay mo nasa tabi2 lang in silingan...hehe

  1. Anonymous

    john rick tuod ni ji...ala pakoi account man jud

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