These Thoughts Makes Me "Me"

Posted Wednesday, December 7, 2011 by deehan1914

Being not able to say what you wanted to say does not necessarily means one is a coward.It could be that she is just so aware that her words could not make the situation any better.

Keeping the distance never means one is cold.It could be that she is matured enough to realize that there is no point in becoming close anyway.

Saying goodbye never means forever because there will always be moments when you will be so engrossed of the thoughts about the person you bid goodbye. Hence, I wish sometimes bidding goodbye will also assure future absence of such hurtful memories in my mind.

Photographs were created to capture not only views but also emotions. Right now, I wonder how I will see years from now a photo that will be taken right at this very moment . What emotions could I remember that time?

What are promises for if I prefer surprises?Don't promise me, surprise me!

I never intend to study reading my palms, cards and constellations just to predict my future.  What beauty is there in a very predictable life?

What  sense is there in wearing revealing clothes if you want to attract a god-fearing man? In wearing such, you are attracting the wrong target market.


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