Why I love Iligan City

Posted Thursday, August 18, 2011 by deehan1914

I have always known that Iligan is wonderful. The captivating waterfalls, the diversity of traders , the pool of students from different regions in the island, the mosques , the  intriguing reported wars and it is where my best friend lives. I feel lucky I was able to visit this City for 4 years regularly and I hope to continually do my visitation.

After finishing College at MSU Marawi City, I felt happy to be back and be with my herd of church mates.We decided to plunge our selves in one of the most popular waterfall in Iligan and that would be Tinago Waterfall.

From the City proper you would need to ride on a Jeepney ( one of the best part ,HAHA!) then be transported by a motorcycle  and have the joy of walking along the whimsical forest hiding the waterfall at its heart.

The walking caused me thrills because I needed to endure the almost 300 ( oh, I'm not good with counting ) stair steps down. That trudge was deadly! Look at my crocs!

Along the way you will see a lot of coconut trees making the scenery very tropical and you will feel happy you are still young and can enjoy the inconvenience.

There are some areas which I think my friends in Hogwarts would like to roam around (my friends who are in the Forbidden Forrest, been there? ) Just look at this photo which is always making me feel cool.

What do you think? Is it nice or very nice? Hahaa.. One thing I LOVE here was that the entrance fee was just 10.00 pesos.If you have 1 USD then 4 persons can now enter. And to top it all, renting a life jacket will cost you 25.00 pesos only. Now, ring me and let's fly back to Iligan!

I really enjoyed talking with my friends while on that floating bamboo called " Gakit" (uhh I almost forgot the term ). There is a rope there connected to the other end of the waterfall and friends can try pulling together so that together, on the Gakit, they can move closer to the waterfall. That's teamwork, boss!

And yes, I know jaws will be all dropped . My plain words could never amount to something as splendid as this.

I sooo love the slippery  Gakit. Extra challenge Auntie!

If I can transform into a waterfall, I want to be Tinago Falls.

You can't swim there without a life jacket ( I think that's sad ).

A lot of tourist are visiting this waterfall. When I went there , there were like 2 or 3 foreigners.The one in the photo? Ow.. He's mine! Hahah Well, he is a good friend.

The scene will look like that if you are seated at the benches provided for visitors.

Well, just like other bloggers, I will never forget to post some of my best pictures from that trip. You must be green with envy now. Hahaa... Please visit Tinago Waterfall .I can help !



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