When Life Suddenly Makes You Feel Like A Celebrity

Posted Sunday, January 25, 2015 by deehan1914

I have been teaching in a classroom set up for over a year now and I just suddenly miss being an online English teacher. Here's a throwback of my life in GNA/ENC. 

I never thought they would choose my picture for these promotional tools. One of my student emailed me the first picture and told me that she saw this posted on a wall while she was on her way home. That's crazy, right? HAHAHA She saw this posted somewhere in Kobe, Japan and I had no knowledge of this! It felt surreal and it's a very happy thing! The second photo is the one I saw in my previous company's official Facebook page. I just love how life pauses for a while and make me feel like a celebrity. 


  1. Gorgio Armilla

    Wow! :)

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