Teaching and Platform 9 3/4

Posted Saturday, October 4, 2014 by deehan1914

Things have been clouding up my mind lately. I have been exhausted but not in vain. Life showed me that every cloud has a silver lining. It made my soul formidable. Praise God! I may be at my wit's end sometimes but I consider this journey,with all my heart, beautiful.

It's Teachers' Day tomorrow and I would like to write the wonderful things of being a teacher.

First, I have always felt that teaching is my soulmate. I am a big fan of education and those who champion it. I can't imagine doing anything at this point of my life other than enriching another soul. Heaven on earth is when I see my students learning. I can imagine why Malala was willing to face the dangers of getting education in Pakistan and even more willing to push it further for the benefit of legions who believe in her cause. I feel grateful everytime I come to think of this, my way to school was never despoiled by issues which plague countries like Pakistan. In my country, even rebels would want their kids to develop perspicacity through books. I feel quite disappointed that many students in my place don't seem to appreciate the liberty they enjoy. People living in Taliban-infested areas prayed all their lives and countless even offered their very lives for the right to be educated - a great blessing that many students are turning a blind eye. I salute all the Filipino people who made education possible in my beloved country.

Second, teaching makes me feel able able and human. It humbles me every time I learn something new. It excites me to the core and the thought that I could share it to others usually uplifts my spirit. I find this severely addictive. I know exactly why this is addictive. I remember what Mr. Lloyd Luna said " Self-improvement is a very important parcel of happiness". Hence, it's our natural tendency to seek happiness that drives us to learn and improve ourselves. In management, high turnover is usually because workers are no longer happy with the office climate due to lack of continuous training. We are not happy when we are not learning anything new. This is so human and it makes you a better human the moment you share knowledge.

Third, teaching makes me feel that the platform 9 3/4 is real.Teaching became my portal in enriching my imagination and creativity . Just like platform 9 3/4, this profession pushes me to enter a world full of sweet surprises I never thought would be possible. It allowed me to meet plenty amazing people and enjoy new things. The everyday journey in this profession feels like walking into Diagon Alley for the first time - it's magical. It's difficult to get through but it's memorable and sweet. Just like in the magical world of Harry, things could go nasty in my daily attempt to cast knowledge but it's nothing but part of a wonderful journey. The different shades of emotions that I could feel make my world colorful.

Lastly, it keeps me away from the pangs rampant in this world. The Thank Yous from my students are my happy pill. I can still remember what they did last Friday. Indeed, when you smile at the world, it will smile back.

They were all singing when they entered! How sweet is that?

The Class President , Drake. He fooled me and made me believe that the strange arrangement of of the chairs that day was because of the group activity that the group in-charge will facilitate. You got me on that Drake!

I love their pure hearts! Some cried while saying their thanks to me. That was monumental.

I thought the surprise was over but look at my boys! They entered the room while singing "Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat" each with roses! How cute and perfectly sweet! 

Thank you to my 11-12 Sales Management Class and thank you to Flor Rogador for the flowers! You made me VERY happy!

One of my student, Anne, even made a very lovely poem. I love how her gift of making people smile is etched in her poetic lines. Here's her letter.

My happy hormones are at most excited level! I am feeling so loved!

Happy Teachers' Day to all those who taught me how to deal with life. Happy Teachers' Day to all those who have taught another soul. Above all,  I thank my greatest Teacher, My God, for this very wonderful life of learning, sharing and loving.


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