Summer Smear!

Posted Wednesday, June 4, 2014 by deehan1914
Summer vacation for most students ceased already but mine feels like the contrary. I'm still hyping of what will happen for my late summer adventure with my brother next week. I'm beyond thrilled to make exciting adventures and beautiful memories with my one and only handsome brother! Thinking about the underground river, the bewithcing white sand beaches, the seductive water, the enchanting greenery and the gales of laughter that we will surely have makes me feel floating in frenzy. I just love my brother so much that I decided to give him not material gifts but offer him memories with me. He will have his plane ride, his first trip to Visayas and his first trip to Luzon with his beautiful sister!HAHAHAH We will also have our first train ride together! Hahaha! My first ride was when I was a high school student during the National Science Fair. That was year of the Nokia 3310 pa! I am just so excited to be with him during these moments! Thank you Lord God for the blessings! I never thought I can afford this!

Here are the few things that happened this summer.

1. My brother graduated! Finished his degree in Agriculture major in Plant Pathology!
I never thought he could be that clever! Haha love you Dong!

2. Summer in the University.

My summer class made me feel angry and tired but of course happy and thrilled. My students were a headache but I think it's really like that sometimes (unta!lol) . I just realized that "You get what you tolerate". Hence, my rules for the next school year will be more firm (Promise!). I am not saying that I didn't enjoy it, I learned a lot! I claim that all of these troubles, fun and ka ek kan will make a better teacher each term! So, help me God!

I made my students use of the Speech Lab. We had simple call center agent training. Haha! I tried to train them how to cater calls for orders and how to handle callers from hell. This is part of our Service Marketing subject. Dria najud ang Patience is a Virtue! Pictures will follow! I haven't transferred them here in my PC.

I also made my Marketing 1 students talk to the CEO of Flex Thaiyo Co. ltd. via Skype and made them do their product launching.

My advertising students were very busy too. I made them so busy. It was fun to see them doing their best. They deserved the grades I gave them! I made them make a magazine cover with them as the muse, made them do radio ads, perform TV commercials and make a promotional video for Marketing Management. 
Promotional Video 1here
Promotional Video 2here

I can't find the link of the other group! 

3. Myra, Maam Orcy, Xycris, Maad Digal, Laarnie and Glazel finished their MBA .

4. I also went to MSU and Iligan! 

5. I went to school again! Once a teacher, always a student! I am earning education units so that I can be a high school teacher too! 

I miss to chronicle many things but I hope this poor attempt to immortalize my summer 2014 thru blog will be enough. Haha! I miss writing and I'm getting poor at it too! Huhhu! I need to do more!

Gambante Janie-san!


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