On Being Grateful and Willing to Share

Posted Sunday, April 5, 2015 by deehan1914
I had so much going these days.
I had to deal with so much stress and I am glad I came out okay.
Yeah, there were instances that panic has reached my inner sanctum but I got people around me who made me get through all the whirlwind of tasks. Above all , I got my GOD.

Today, I had no plans to write a blog because I have been trying to check all the test papers of my students and finalize their grades. I also needed to finish so much tasks in my part-time job. Oh well, I have always been busy as bee. This week has been a little bit sort of an exemption because I just had my dental surgery. Man, it was painful and disturbing. I can't eat fast and I can't eat hot stuffs. It's been 5 days since the surgery and I can never thank enough my Mom for taking care of me. I am one blessed girl and with this, I am hugely grateful. Being grateful is what I want to share in this blog.

I have seen and heard many people complain about the life they have .They can enumerate so easily as if enumerating sad things in their life has been a skill they have mastered. It's sad to see a person doing that.  Maybe because I have not walked the life they are in bout right now that's why it's difficult for me to see things from their vantage point. Maybe I am too young and have not fully tasted the bitterness of life. However, deep inside my heart, I know, however dark the situation may be, If I have been loyal to God, I will survive. I am so thankful that God gave me a grateful heart. I feel so sad whenever I see people who are not seeing the beauty in each sunrise, wildflowers and smiles of kids. I feel sad whenever I see children not going to school and being abused. I feel sad about dogs being poorly fed. Hence, I try to do my best in my job. I always try to encourage students why learning the theories and skills are necessary. I always make sure lessons are embedded with values that will best define a successful man. I do this to at least be convinced that I did something to prevent my students' future children  from ending up on streets. I study my lessons at school and update myself constantly because I believe my students have relatives (and pets) who look up on them in times of need. I know that my students can help much when they also have been helped and guided with school things right now. This is how I see how important my job is and I am grateful of the skills that I have. Sure, there are those greater than me and I will forever look up on them. With what I have, I am glad to share. This makes me feel useful and this is addictive.

I am thankful of my duties in the church. I am thankful of being worthy to fulfill duties that not all is given. I have so many errors but I struggle to renew each day so that I will be worthy of Him.

I am thankful of my family. I have seen my Mom more nervous than how I was when I was having my surgery last Tuesday. I asked her to hold my hand during the entire process. I am grateful of the support I had when I went home. I am grateful of Brahiil for all his care too.

I am thankful of my friends. They always make me feel very good inside. I must have done something good to deserve their friendship. I can't remember what but I am thankful!

I am thankful of my jobs. I have been always keeping two jobs because I have always felt the need to work hard. I am happy to have seen how important it is to be industrious. I have seen my parents work hard. What a great gift! They constantly inspired me to do more. What amazes me now is that, I can already open the door of opportunities for others. I feel really really good whenever I know that I have worked hard and many will benefit out of those. What a great feeling to use my God-given skills to provide employment for others. I get very very tired but it's worth it. I feel happy. I feel warm.I feel so right.

I am thankful of Mighty who removes my stress. What a cute dog!

Ohh.. Indeed, the chance to use our gifts to provide employment is inspiring. I feel literally being a blessing! And ohh.. I didn't just pray for this feeling, I worked hard so that I could feel this too. Thank you for the chance!

Thank you po, Ama! Salamat sa masayahing puso na kaloob mo!

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.
                                                                Proverbs 15:13


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