Feeling Under the Weather

Posted Sunday, August 4, 2013 by deehan1914

I've been feeling sick since yesterday and my voice is a great evidence to that.
I think I'll soon be coughing so I tried taking this tea-like medicine called Sinuzip.
I first bought this months ago when this was offered in Rose Pharmacy in Quirino,Davao City.
I think a promo-girl offered this to me and since I like teas, I decided to try this one.

I thought the taste will be vomit-inducing but it turned out to be like a very good tea after my several sips.
Maybe I imagined it to be really bad that's why the first sip was murky.
However, it turned to be having a good taste that I enjoyed finishing the whole drink.
It's sweet and I like the lemon taste.
What I liked about it is that it's warm.
It felt good while I was drinking it.
I don't have a heavy cough now nor that I am having a runny nose.
However, I am already coughing a bit and I'm having this "heavy-back feeling"- the feeling before I'll eventually have a bad cough.
My throat is painful and my voice is husky.
How will I teach tomorrow or the next days if these things will continue?
Oh.. I want to kick these prancing viruses out of my body!


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